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HC GCSU Wants You!

The #1 online magazine at Georgia College, Her Campus GCSU, is recruiting new staff writers to contribute bi-weekly to the magazine this spring.

Staff writers would contribute to the features and profile sections of the magazine. The features section consists of hard news and lifestyle pieces, which includes personal essays and more opinionated content. The profile section is dedicated to interviews with GC alumnus, students, staff and professors.

“Joining Her Campus GCSU has increased my writing skills, helped me build my portfolio and led me to meet strong women who inspire me,” said Campus Correspondent Mallory Haynes.

By becoming a part of Her Campus GCSU, team members join the nationwide Her Campus Media Network. The Her Campus Media Network serves as career launching point for college journalists. Members have been offered jobs and internships with Glamour, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed, Seventeen, The Huffington Post and many more.  

“Her Campus has encouraged me to try new styles of writing, build my portfolio, and helped me expand on creative ideas,” said Hannah Green, a writer for Her Campus GCSU.

Her Campus GCSU is focused on producing great content, but also strives to build a close team with team bonding exercises and events. Team bonding includes movie nights, board game nights and supporting staff members at on-campus events.

“I love the ladies that I write with and lead. It is such a treat to have a group of women lifting each other up and supporting each other. There is no way I would have made it through the past four years of college without them,” said Campus Correspondent Shelby Smith.

Her Campus GCSU is conscious of the busy student schedule. Members are only required to write articles and attend monthly staff meetings. They may choose to attend team bonding activities, but members are not required.

Interested students can email Shelby Smith at shelbysmith@hercampus.com to join Her Campus GCSU.

Her Campus GCSU’s mission is to serve and empower college women across every platform while serving as a career launching point for college journalists. 

Shelby Smith is an English major with a concentration in creative writing at Georgia College & State University. She hopes to write the next great American novel one day while becoming a #girlboss. Shelby loves Pinterest, hedgehogs, organizational supplies, and has a mild obsession with makeup. You can follow her on Instagram @shelbysmilege.
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