GC Homecoming Tickets Sell Out

On Friday, February 18, T-Pain and B.o.B. performed for GC’s homecoming concert in Centennial Center, however leading up to the concert many students were unable to get tickets or were sold tickets at a price that was five times the original.

Monday before the concert, emails were sent out from OrgSync that concert tickets were sold out. This surprised many students since tickets hadn’t sold out the year before, and many didn’t even know that was a possibility.

After it was released that tickets were sold out, Bobcat Exchange became flooded with “iso” posts for tickets, which were being sold for $50 or more, ten times the amount of the original price.

The tickets selling for ten times the original price made other students sell their tickets just for the profit. Many figured they would rather have money than go see the concert.

“I like B.o.B. and T-Pain a lot but I like $25 more, so I sold my tickets the day off. I could do a lot more with extra cash than I can with seeing a concert,” said Katie Frierson.

While some were willing to pay the $50, others waited for lower priced tickets and refused to pay ten times the original price.

As the week carried on, ticket prices got lower, however even the day of people were selling their tickets for a minimum of $15, however most went for $20 or $25.

“My boyfriend and I sold our tickets for $25 the day of and just went to dinner instead,” said Annmarie Leahy. 

Homecoming tickets have never been sold for a higher resale price, an ironic thing for two artists most students considered to be played.