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5 Ways to Treat Homesickness

For a lot of college students, going to school means moving into a dorm away from your family and friends. I’m a senior in college, and it still isn’t always easy to go back to school after a summer at home. Here are five of the best home remedies I’ve discovered over the years:

1. Decorate your room in a way that will make you the most comfortable!

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Don’t put it off for later. Hang those posters on the wall and put up those fairy lights! If you like to hang up pictures, put some pictures on the wall. You’d be surprised what a difference a few touches from home can make. It definitely helps turning a scary new place into something familiar and positive. 


2. Hang out with friends! 


When you’re feeling homesick it can be tempting to sit alone in your room and wish you were somewhere else. Instead, try going out and spending time with your friends or even meeting some new pals. Being around people will take your mind off of it, and you might even start having fun! 


3. Try something new!


Read a new book, listen to a new podcast, start a new coloring book, or watch something new on Netflix! Take your mind off of all your worries and try something you haven’t done before. (I highly recommend watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before if you haven’t yet, and I’m chomping at the bit to see the new movie Sierra Burgess is a Loser… That’s right, I’m coming for you, Noah Centineo.)

P.S. Trying something different and spending time with friends are two steps that work great together!


4. Do Something You Love

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This is like trying something new, but replace all the new activities with your go-to, tried and true hobbies. Your favorite things are your favorite things for a reason! Read your favorite book again or watch your favorite movie. My mom and I always watch the TV show M*A*S*H together, and since it’s on Hulu now I can watch it whenever I want. It always makes me feel better.  


5. Call Them!

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We live in a time when we can talk to almost anyone at the press of a button. Take advantage of it! Whether you’re missing your parents, siblings, friends, significant other, or pets (facetime!), nothing beats the sound of their voice. Sometimes it’s easy to convince ourselves that talking to them will only make it worse, but in my experience the opposite tends to be true. There is NO shame in admitting you’re a little sad. In fact, they’d probably love to hear from you too! 

Hopefully these tips will help you cure that homesickness and start your semester off on a positive note! 

Elizabeth is a Senior Creative Writing major at GCSU. She loves all things Disney and is always prepared to pet any puppy that walks her way. When she isn’t writing, you can probably find her watching old movies, belting showtunes, or listening to her latest podcast obsession. Follow Elizabeth on Instagram and Twitter @lizzy4liz
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