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Food for (Quarantine) Thought

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, almost every aspect of our lives have changed. And if there’s one thing I miss more than anything, it’s going out to grab some quality food. Fortunately, most of my favorite restaurants offer takeout or UberEats. However, if one productive skill came out of the past five months of quarantining, it’s been cooking. Prior to the pandemic, I could handle the basics--ramen, boxed brownie mix, spaghetti-- but since I had a ton of free time in quarantine, I decided to start sharpening up my kitchen skills. Here are my 4 favorite simple  meals that I have been making all throughout quarantine! 


  1. Chicken/Shrimp Tacos  

 After watching a clip from ‘Life of Kylie’ and seeing Kylie Jenner making shrimp tacos, I realized I could definitely make them too and it turns out the recipe is a lot easier than I thought. I’ve made both chicken and shrimp tacos with yummy seasoning and of course, add tomatoes, guacamole, onions, cheese and sour cream to your preference. Both types turned out equally as delicious!


Tip: Turn it into a burrito bowl Chipotle style by boiling rice to serve as a base instead of a tortilla. Add salsa, tortilla crisps, beans and corn and it’s just as tasty and even healthier! 


  1. Avocado Toast 

Avocado Toast was my go-to brunch meal for those late morning during quarantine. Sadly, avocado season will be ending soon but for now, it’s so simple to make and it’s refreshing and tastes so good. For protein I would add a boiled egg with it as well; it pairs really well together. 


  1. Banana Bread

This recipe takes me straight back to March when the pandemic began. Since the bananas for my family were being left uneaten and going ripe quickly, I made it a lot. It’s so simple to make and a great way to not waste ripe bananas! Also, dare I say it, it may taste a little better than Starbucks Banana Bread.


  1. Baked Asparagus 

This literally takes 15 minutes to make and it’s the definition of a healthy snack! It’s also a great side dish for any pasta meal and it’s healthy since it’s baked. A smart hack to make it even tastier is to add a little sprinkle of cheese on top and boom! You forget you're eating a vegetable. 

Seenam Ijaz

GA Tech '21

Lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is a 4th year Business major and Law, Science,& Technology minor at GA Tech. She loves to bake, go to concerts, and travel with her friends and exploring new cultures.
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