Trending: Vaginal Skincare Routines

As someone who takes a great deal of interest in their skincare, I try to stay informed and educate myself on the latest skincare trends and new products on the market. While reading through the latest and greatest, I couldn’t help but notice more than a few articles talking about serums, luminizers, and creams not for your face, but for your vulva. Yes, you read that correctly, skincare for your vagina. 

I know many of us are familiar with the variety of creams, oils, etcetera that are already on the market for our bikini line, but that is another story entirely. There are now products dedicated to improving the look and feel of your vulva. After searching through these products, I gathered that our vulvas can have a variety of skin concerns such as dullness, dryness, blemishes, and folliculitis. 

Now, I do want to be specific here as we are messing with a delicate system, our vulvas are completely different from our vaginas. Our vaginas possess a magical self-cleaning power, so please, leave the skincare to her. It is also important to note that many OB-GYNs and dermatologists encourage consumers to exercise caution when using vulvar skin care products, as the skin of the vulva is not as tough as the skin on the face, making it more prone to allergic reactions and irritation. 

On the other hand, beauty editors and consumers alike are claiming that after testing out the trend, they now believe that their vulvar skincare routine is just as essential as the skincare routine for their face. There are also many new female-founded skincare brands emerging through the rise of their vulvar products. So, whether you buy into this beauty trend or not, I find it fascinating and empowering that women are opening themselves up to new forms of self-care as well as a new dialogue about feminine care.