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Four Tips for Body Acceptance on Zoom 

In this new world of online classes, limited social interactions, and frequent isolation, body acceptance has become especially difficult when sitting on a multitude of Zoom calls. We often divert our attention to our own images on the screen, and growing concerned of our appearance has become an unfortunate new normal for many. 

Below are some tips to enforce and practice body acceptance on Zoom calls: 

1. Dress as you would if you were attending class in person

Wear the clothes you might wear if you would be attending class in person. Put on your favorite earrings or comfy dress, or even slip into your favorite pair of sweatpants and get onto that Zoom call knowing that you are sharing your most authentic self. Wear whatever makes you feel most confident!

2. Check in with others who might also be struggling

Reach out and check in with others who might also be struggling to practice body acceptance and positivity. Ask your friends and fellow classmates what they are doing to find ways to love and accept their bodies, you will never know the value of others perspectives until you ask!

3. Don’t stare at yourself on the screen

Focusing on yourself during class not only takes away from your ability to listen and engage with your professors and fellow classmates, but it can also predispose you to becoming hypercritical and increase your comparison of yourself to others on video calls. 

4. Turn Your Video Off

While this may not necessarily be possible in all situations, sometimes turning off your camera, even if for only a few minutes can help you to recenter yourself and shift the attention away from what you look like. Get a snack and just remember you are beautiful and amazing. 

Olivia Glad

Furman '21

Olivia Glad is a senior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies, a writer for HerCampus, a peer leader and mentor, as well as a Resident Assistant. She is an avid supporter of women, social justice, and self-reflection and has written numerous papers and engaged in passion projects about these topics. She loves the color pink and a nice iced coffee after a long day of classes. She hopes to become a college professor or program director to enlighten young minds, but ultimately to become a mentor and friend to all.
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