Everything You Need to Know About the Body Project

Along with many other clubs started this year, The Body Project has gained some serious momentum within the Furman community, discussing relevant issues surrounding and pertaining to all types of women. Caroline Warren, a Senior Psychology major, started this club last year, and has answered some questions below.

(Photo Courtesy of NDSU Student Health Services)


What is the Body Project?

The body project is a dissonance-based body acceptance program that aims to help women resist cultural and societal pressures to conform to the beauty ideal! It is discussion-based sessions that are run by Furman peer leaders (like myself) here on campus! It is an easy, empowering and badass way to take an active stand against the appearance ideal and to make positive change in yourself and in others.


Why is it important for college aged students to participate?

I think it is SO important for college aged women to participate because being in our early 20s is very transformative and vulnerable time for many women. There are constant pressures to be like other girls, to look your best always, to be a good friend, to impress your love interests, etc. Having an empowering and honest discussion about why pursuing the appearance ideal does not make sense and about why accepting and loving our bodies for how they are is imperative to decrease body dissatisfaction and increase self-esteem. Learning how to feel good about who you ARE and to not worry about what you look like is a critical distinction that I think all college girls can benefit from.


Why is it important to you?

The message of the Body Project is a very sensitive topic for me. I have known many friends and family members who either have or currently struggle with an eating disorder or disordered eating pathology. Having the opportunity to help decrease body dissatisfaction, therefore decreasing the chances someone might develop an eating disorder is absolutely amazing. Body positivity, self-love, and self-compassion are all so important for individuals to understand and believe because it can positively affect one’s overall quality of life. If I can help one girl feel better about herself and love herself more, I’m happy!


How can you get involved at Furman?

You can get involved with just a few simple steps! First, come to a session! The link to sign up is http://furmanbodyproject.youcanbook.me. If you want to be a peer leader, you have to fill out the application and go through peer leader training! I can answer any questions or concerns as well! My email is [email protected]


The Body Project is a great and easy way to spread body positivity across Furman University students. Our 20s are filled with personal and physical growth and going into this time of your life with the right mindset can make all the difference in the long run.