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The Color of Quarantine: How Painting Kept Me Centered

Painting has always been a passion of mine, truly for as long as I can remember. 

Even as a child, I found myself to always be my most free-thinking and self-aware when I had a paintbrush in my hand.

However, like many as I grew up I gained new hobbies, forgetting old ones. I no longer had interest in painting like I used to.

Nonetheless, when I found myself unmotivated and depressed during this “new normal” I turned back to my old passion to reconnect with myself. 

While it took some getting used to, I quickly began to remember how much I loved this old passion of mine.

As the days and quarantine passed I began to paint bit by bit. I slowly became more skillful and precise with my brushstrokes each week‍, challenging myself to do more and be better, even if I had to try a few times. 

Painting also gave me an opportunity to spend time with my twin sister. 

She and I live apart most of the year, so these past few months have been the first time we’ve spent more than a few months together in over 3 years. 

Painting also helped me to be more reflective and thoughtful; having the time set aside to talk with my sister helped me to work on my communication skills.

But often, I would just sit thoughtfully to myself, giving the space and opportunity to be as absentminded or actively thinking as I wanted to be.

It is truly amazing to think about how something that you lose touch with can bring you right back down to earth. 

Olivia Glad

Furman '21

Olivia Glad is a senior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies, a writer for HerCampus, a peer leader and mentor, as well as a Resident Assistant. She is an avid supporter of women, social justice, and self-reflection and has written numerous papers and engaged in passion projects about these topics. She loves the color pink and a nice iced coffee after a long day of classes. She hopes to become a college professor or program director to enlighten young minds, but ultimately to become a mentor and friend to all.
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