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10 Sustainable Beauty Brands You Should Know About

Our self-care and beauty regimens shouldn’t cost our planet, they should promote wellness for ourselves as well as our environment. That is why I have compiled a list of ten beauty brands that have taken steps toward saving our planet.

Whether they sustainably source their ingredients, use recycled material in their packaging, or raise awareness of the beauty industry’s carbon footprint, they all make strides to be kind to our environment while supplying us with great product.


#1: BYBI - Natural Skincare

Their name stands for By Beauty Insiders and they were founded by two beauty bloggers, Elsie and Dominika. Their mission is transparency, they believe in the importance of knowing what ingredients make up the products we use.

They focus on high quality ingredients that are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty free. A cult favorite is their Babe Balm, an all-purpose beauty balm that can be used on the face and body.


#2: LUSH - Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

This UK company has made a name for themselves through their fizzy bath bombs, but they have much more to offer. Not only have they been handmaking fresh cosmetics with ethically sourced ingredients and recycled packaging, but they have taken the year 2018 to combat human trafficking by ensuring that their global suppliers abide by welfare standards. A community favorite is their “Big” Body Spray, a gender-neutral citrus perfume.


#3: Beauty Kitchen

Another UK brand founded by the mission to create natural, sustainable beauty products that are genuinely effective while being a joy to use. They are big believers in transparency as they want their consumers to know all the hard work they put into each and every product. A game changer for beauty lovers are their Compostable Beauty Wipes which remove makeup, gently cleanse skin, and can break down in your garden compost.


#4: Burt’s Bees

A drugstore favorite whose humble beginnings have always been good to our planet, from their start they have been committed to 99-100% natural ingredients. The brand has also recently launched their #BringBackTheBees campaign, an effort to promote the planting of bee-friendly wildflowers around the world.

You can support this campaign by purchasing products with the #BringBackTheBees packaging or you can head over to their website and adopt your own beehive! A staple product is their Beeswax Lip Balm that comes in a multitude of flavors and colors.


#5: 100% Pure

This makeup and skincare brand commits itself to being completely free of all harmful toxins. Their products are 100% natural, cruelty free, and free of artificial colors, fragrances, and synthetic chemical preservatives.

Their claim to fame is their fruit pigmented makeup products which are vegan and made with antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit pigments. A best seller is their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, perfect for brightening up dark circles and tired, puffy eyes.


#6: Pur – The Complexion Authority

Pur is not only an environmentally responsible brand, but they make products that are truly good for your skin. Pur products are paraben free, gluten free, BPA free, alcohol free, talc free, vegan friendly, and cruelty free. A best seller is their 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with Skincare which features ingredients like SPF for UV protection, shea butter to improve skin texture, and vitamin C for a brighter complexion.


#7: Seed Phytonutrients

This brand is known for their shower friendly paper bottle that is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper and uses 60% less plastic than a traditional bottle. Seed only uses cold-press and expeller methods to extract oils from seeds instead of using chemical solvents to extract their ingredients.

They also support organic farmers and give back what is left of the seeds after pressing to provide organic feed for their animals. A popular product is their Body Cleanser, which received Allure Magazine’s Breakthrough Award for 2018.


#8: Weleda

Weleda products are always free from synthetic compounds and toxic chemicals. The brand sources raw materials sustainably and works to protect farms by building fair trade relationships. They are best known for their line of skincare called Skin Food, a collection of products that work to give you a healthy, hydrated glow all over. The line includes lip butter, body butter, nourishing cream, and more to feed your skin as well as your body and mind.


#9: Love Beauty and Planet

An accessible drugstore brand that promotes sustainable beauty through their wide range of products that have been certified cruelty free and vegan by PETA and Vegan Action. Their plastic bottles are made from 100% recycled materials and are working to do the same to their caps in the coming year. A fan favorite is the Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo, which won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award for 2018.


#10:  Plant Makeup

As the name suggests, this brand makes true plant makeup products that are completely plant based. Their products differ from traditional makeup as the brand focuses on the revival of ancient beauty methods by using plant-based dyes that are inspired by traditional and medicinal herbology.

All products are handmade from locally grown, GMO-free, fair trade, and/or organic ingredients and are packaged in reusable and compostable materials. A community favorite is their Beach Rose Lip Tint made for the lips and cheeks to give you a rosy, glossy glow.


Sustainable beauty is all about being good to yourself, being good to your skin, and of course being good to the planet. Whether your routine is as basic as cleanser and moisturizer, or you beat that face every day, there are sustainable brands out there that are sure to have products that work for you.

Gabrielle is a Campus Correspondent and Social Media Editor at Furman University's chapter of HerCampus. She is a senior Communication Studies and French double major who loves vintage clothes, a well-curated pinterest board, and being a part of the HerCampus community!
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