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Your Next Summer Vacation Based on Your Favorite Diet Coke Flavor!

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The days of classic Diet Coke are no more! Coca-Cola has recently created some pretty wild new flavors to add to your grocery list. From Ginger Lime to Strawberry Guava, there’s a little taste of something unique for everyone. With summer in full swing, you’re sure to be embarking on some amazing vacations that call for a signature drink—and what better drink for the job than Diet Coke? Read on to determine what location you simply must visit this summer based on your favorite Diet Coke flavor! 

Zesty Blood Orange—Jamaica 

If you’ve been dreaming of blisteringly hot days spent lounging on the beach with a Zesty Blood Orange Diet Coke in hand, then Jamaica is your spot. As a lover of the Zesty Blood Orange flavor, you’re as bold as the summer sunsets on Jamaica’s horizon. You’re not afraid to scuba dive into the depths of Montego Bay either!

Blueberry Açaí—Italy 

Like the Blueberry Açaí Diet Coke, you’re understated and chill. This makes Italy the optimal summer vacation spot for you. Whether you’re strolling through parks and promenades or enjoying your second serving of gelato, you’re ultimately looking to relax and unwind from your busy day-to-day life. 

Strawberry Guava—Nicaragua 

If you revel in the startlingly sweet flavors of the Strawberry Guava Diet Coke, then you should be hanging ten in the waves of Nicaragua’s surf. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, Nicaragua hosts several regions where you can experience everything from volcanoes to glass-cut lakes. Tropical birds and filterless sunset photos perfectly embody the splash of flavor you experience when sipping on a Strawberry Guava. 

Feisty Cherry—Machu Picchu 

As a Feisty Cherry fanatic, you identify closely with the free-spirited side of your personality which means that you should be living out those adventures on the Inca Trail of Machu Picchu. Experience killer views from the top of Huayna Picchu, pet an alpaca, and take in the beautiful blue summer skies! 

Twisted Mango—Miami

There’s absolutely nothing like the unpredictable taste of a Twisted Mango Diet Coke—well, except for the multi-faceted city of Miami. With the subtropical summer climate of Florida, South Beach is the perfect place to soak up the sun before grabbing a bite at a nearby restaurant. Miami also hosts several summer festivals that are sure to pique your interest. If the beach becomes too bland for your tastes, Miami has countless other attractions like the Wynwood Walls outdoor art district! 

Ginger Lime—Morocco 

With a classic and lovable combo like ginger and lime, a fan of this Diet Coke flavor will thrive in the bustling local markets of Northern Africa. Bargaining with the vendors is the perfect pastime for a social butterfly like you, and Morocco hosts plenty of other activities of interest too! Ride a camel into the sunset or get lost in the stars of the Sahara Desert sky. 

Wherever you decide to adventure this summer, don’t forget to bring a Diet Coke along for the ride!

Tawnie Simpson is a Senior Editing, Writing, and Media student at Florida State University. She enjoys (needs) a good cup of cold brew, she comes from a small town nobody knows called "about an hour south of Tampa" and she is often mistaken for 10-year-old Lindsay Lohan, but she's not complaining.