Your Guide to FSU Intramurals and Club Sports


Not many people know that there are a variety of club sports you can volunteer or tryout to be a part of here at Florida State. Here’s your guide to some of the intramurals (IM) and club sports offered!

Men’s Lacrosse is one of the most competitive sports clubs on campus, and it’s definitely one of the sports games you should not miss. Since FSU doesn’t have a Division I Lacrosse team, the club team is the closest thing to it.

Courtesy: Lacrosse Allstars

They have camps at the beginning of the season to help people get their foot in the door for when tryouts come along. The same goes for the Women’s Lacrosse club team. They are legit; you can check out their Facebook page to keep up with their season. They rent buses and go to tournaments out-of-state, have tryouts and regular practice times weekly. Some other FSU club teams that are not nearly as intense are Men’s Hockey, Men’s Club Volleyball, Women’s Club Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Men’s Rugby, Women’s Rugby and many more. You can check out the full list here.  

There are also some more unique club sports such as Fencing, Bass Fishing, Bowling, Ultimate Frisbee, Skeet and Trap, Scuba Club and even Quidditch. There are so many opportunities to find a club that fits your interests and hobbies. If a club sport seems like too much of a commitment and you want to play a sport or partake in a hobby at a more leisurely level, you could look into FSU’s intramural sports. IMs range from Baseball, Soccer and Basketball to things like Dodgeball, Innertube Water Polo, Wallyball, Wiffleball, Battleship (pictured below) and many other activities that you may or may not have heard of before. Sand Volleyball is a brand new IM that just started last week.

Courtesy: FSU Campus Recreation

The dates for each sport vary tremendously and you should keep an eye out on the IM website to make sure you don’t miss a sign up. Worst case if you do miss it, you can just play the next semester or next year. Normally for whatever sport you want to take part in you have to register your team online with FSU Campus Recreation. Once you do that, someone on your respective team has to learn the rules and go over sportsmanship conduct to ensure that everyone agrees to play fairly and courteously. To ensure this, you’re required to take a quiz about the rules and regulations of the game before your team is officially registered.

Once you pass that, you and your team will have a few options for game times for each week. It’s recommended that you register and complete the quiz as soon as possible so you can secure a game time every week that works for every member on your team. For some of the more regulated sports with more teams, there’s pool play followed by bracket play. Pool play is simply playing games against other teams for a few weeks, and at the end of the pool play the referees look at who won the most games or achieved the most points (depending on the sport). The teams with the most wins will go onto bracket play. This is single elimination so once you lose your team is no longer in the running to be campus champions. By winning the entire bracket play you could win a t-shirt that says “Campus Champions” on it! Everyone loves free t-shirts and FSU Campus Rec uses that as an incentive to make IMs a little more competitive.

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You can find all of the information specific to what IM sport you want to play on the FSU Campus Recreation Intramural site. Playing sports is just one way to be active and stay healthy, and it tends to be a lot more fun than going to the gym. Get a group of your friends together and register to play an intramural sport! If you’ve played a certain sport for a while like basketball, lacrosse or volleyball, keep an eye out on their respective Facebook pages and FSU Campus Rec pages for tryout times so you can keep up your level of play in a more competitive environment! Play on and have fun, Collegiettes!

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