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Why You Should Give Aeropostale Another Chance

Courtesy: TotalRetail.com

Okay everyone, let’s throw it back to those super awkward and embarrassing middle school days when we had to wear collared shirts and jeans or even worse khakis. Back then all we ever wanted to was to wear Aeropostale logo tees and have that little A87 on our polos, but now we steer clear of even going near the store. Recently Aeropostale (now rebranded Aero) has turned around. Long gone are the days in which they only prided themselves on being the go-to retailer for graphic tees, but now instead are looking towards selling more fashion forward clothes that are meant to target us college kids.

1. #FreeToBe…?

Their new ad campaign really tries and connect with customers by asking them the question “What are you #FreeToBe?” When I went into the Aeropostale here, they had cute little post it notes for customers to write what they’re free to be and even had a selfie station that included being entered into a contest to win $100… now who doesn’t love free money??

2. Their Active Collection is good, LIKE REALLY GOOD.

I promise you now that the leggings from Aero are the comfiest and stretchiest leggings I’ve ever worn. They come in classic black, heathered gray, and even have leggings with mesh inserts… and best of all they all cost less than $20.  And honestly, look how cute that hoodie is, catch me on campus wearing that all day every day.

3. Their dresses are cute and so affordable!

Aero has really stepped up its game when it comes to targeting high schoolers and college kids in their clothing choices. Just look at this dress, it looks like it could be hanging on a rack at Forever 21 for $27.80, at Aero it’s only $19.

4. Their basics last FOREVER

Their basic tees and bralettes are incredibly affordable and extremely comfy and they won’t rip on you like your usual $5 basic tee from Forever 21 or H&M. They’re so flattering and so GOOD. Better yet, at the Aeropostale here in Tallahassee they’re currently buy one, get TWO FREE.

Aeropostale has for sure come a long way from what we remember them being during our middle school days, while they might still carry polos and graphic tees you will find some hidden gems in there that you never would’ve expected. So the next time you stop by Governor’s Square Mall, don’t be intimidated by your past and look around in Aeropostale and join them in their new era!

All clothing images courtesy of Aeropostale.com.

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