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Mental Health

Why I Support Suicide Awareness and Fight for Prevention

In today’s world, it is hard to maintain a positive disposition. From the declining trust of the government to paying absurd amounts of money for non-optional online classes, to the lack of social justice being served, it is a hard time to be happy. With that being said, it is more crucial than ever to focus on our mental health and make sure our loved ones know that they are not alone, especially in these isolating times. 

Spreading awareness about the silent pandemic of suicide is incredibly important, and many of us, including myself, often forget how important it is to educate those around us about the resources available to those struggling. Fortunately, mental health is no longer the taboo subject it was in the past, and more resources are being used by people who need them, but these resources help people who are living, not those who have already succumbed to their diseases. For example, in high school, there was an individual who took their life during the school day, on school grounds. This individual was struggling with depression and unfortunately lost their battle with it, but they were one of many people from my high school to exemplify the lack of resources within their reach. They taught our community valuable lessons of focusing on issues upfront, rather than cleaning up the aftermath. It is so important to allow people of all ages to express their feelings and struggles so that we do not have to mourn another person who was left to their own devices to combat the huge issues that accompany mental illness.

[bf_image id="p8f5gp9jnf74jtbzvb6n2kwm"] With that being said, there have been huge advancements in the sphere of mental health, but these organizations can only do so much. Supporting the organizations that support people who struggle with things like depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses is awesome, but fighting for prevention so we do not need these resources is what I am all about. It is gut-wrenching to hear that most people have been impacted by suicide in one way or another, and that is not something that we should be okay with, in society. We have the ability to support each other, regardless of circumstance, and allow those that need an extra hand the time to grow, heal, and cope with their circumstances. Obviously, life is not always full of sunshine and flowers, but as a society, it is time that we focus on tough issues, like the prevalence of suicide, and work towards a solution that helps every person who needs one. Allowing these diseases to run their course through society is worse than pretending like COVID-19 doesn’t exist. 

My experience with mental illness has taught me that outer appearances are so easily faked, mental illness doesn’t know gender or race, and everyone has their ups and downs. These valuable lessons have impacted my world view and life experiences, but I wouldn’t trade my struggles for anything. Others may say just the opposite and that is completely okay, mental illness is different for everyone, but it is not worth taking your life. Suicide will always be hard to discuss, but these discussions open doors to healing that we so desperately need. Choosing life shouldn’t be a hard decision, even when life sucks, because, without each other, we would be nowhere. Remember that you matter, you are worthy and you have so much to give, so please never take tomorrow away from yourself because it could be the start of something wonderful! 

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Morgan is a senior at Florida State University, majoring in International Affairs and Political Science. She is originally from the Atlanta area but loves to travel in America and internationally. She spends most of her time studying, spending time with her dog, and working at her part-time jobs. Morgan is motivated to end mass incarceration, inequality, and global issues, and hopes to run for an elected position one day.
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