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As a global pandemic rages on in 2021, our feelings of uncertainty are inevitably growing. Many students are finding themselves feeling the effects of public health restrictions all over the country. What used to get us out of bed is no longer an option. 

With universities opting for online school for yet another semester, I for one feel the stress that lack of productivity brings. While the stress is real, it’s been increasingly difficult to prioritize school work, mental health and physical activity. The disruption of my routine threw me for a loop! I had to do something about it. I devised a list of attainable tasks to get me back on track and here they are:

1. Set an everyday wake up time. 

Physical classes meant waking up early to get to campus. During quarantine, it was too easy to fall into the cycle of sleeping late and waking up early, practically stunting my productivity. Once I started the spring semester, I decided to break this cycle. While asynchronous classes can make it easier to ignore that alarm clock, I now try my hardest to wake up at an early time in the morning to start my work at the same time I did pre-pandemic. This isn’t possible every single day, but the effort helps!

2. Make your bed.

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Generic, I know, but hear me out. Making your bed ensures you don’t get back into it. And not only that, it keeps your room tidy enough to function! 

3. Getting out of your pajamas before getting to work.

Putting on a fresh outfit will definitely get you in the mood and melt away that groggy feeling. It makes every day feel like a new one and brings back that sense of style we sometimes feel like we’re losing when never leaving the house. I know it’s hard when you’re staying home, but changing out of your sleeping clothes will definitely motivate you to get your day started!

4. Designate a study area.

Working from home can get really distracting really quickly when you’re working from the same space you do other activities in. Take working from your bed as an example: studying for an exam from the comfort of your bed makes falling asleep amid reading those boring paragraphs inevitable. This is why dedicating a study area is so important. By creating a neat and separate space for your study time, you are actively separating your school/work life from your fun and personal life. This allows for higher levels of productivity and fewer chances for distraction. It also makes it easier to feel rested in your home by compartmentalizing where you do your schoolwork!

5. Take a walk.

Person Stands on Brown Pathway
Photo by Tobi from Pexels

I admit, I’m not the best at this one, but walking outside is one great way to get some exercise in. We used to walk so much on campus and get that fresh air. To go from walking that much to staying home all day must be shocking for our bodies! This is why I recommend going for a walk a few times a week to get your body moving. You can always take it a step further and go to the gym but I say we take the pressure off and do what feels right!

Applying these habits into your daily routines can help set your routine into motion! The pandemic slump is totally inevitable but trying to stay consistent can add the routine you’ve been needing!

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Tala Habash is a Florida State student studying International Affairs and Media/Communication Studies and minoring in General Business. She is the Vice President of the Arab Student Union and the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at FSU. She's a plant mom at heart and loves to read, watch movies, and try new foods! If you ever wanna discuss your persistent One Direction phase, find her on Instagram @tala.habash.
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