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Ways to Actually Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Obvious news flash of the day: college students aren’t getting enough sleep.

In a study published in the Journal of Nature and Science of Sleep, it’s reported that college students who don’t get enough sleep can expect to have a lower GPA, an increased risk of getting into a car accident, and an overall impaired mood. We all know that being a college student combined with working, having somewhat of a social life, and long hours of studying can cause sleep to turn into a distant memory. Believe it or not, getting enough hours of shuteye every night and feeling refreshed the next morning is a real, attainable goal. That’s right, Collegiettes – say goodbye to all-nighters. It’s just not worth it to torture yourself until you see the sunrise from the windows in the library (which I have experienced first-hand before, and it’s a terrible feeling).

It’s time to take back the sleeping time we missed out on from passionately denying those childhood naps back in the day. Follow these important steps and get those Zzzz’s that you so rightfully deserve.

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1. Stop using your phone before you go to sleep.

I’m listing this step first because not only do I believe it to be the most important one in this entire article, but because I’m guilty of catching up on social media before I hit the sack almost every single night (the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?) When you really think about it, you’re tricking your body. You’re lying down in bed, so your brain starts to think that it’s time to fall asleep – just kidding! We’re going to look at a tiny little screen with a bright light shining in our eyes for a while first. And don’t freak out or anything, but The Huffington Post published a recent article proclaiming that looking at our phones before bed may actually be killing us. What’s the moral of the story here? Get all your tweets and text messages out before you even lay down. Let your body just focus on one thing for a change and get in some valuable hours of rest.

Source: Valley Sleep Center

2. Create a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom.

Is this a given solution? Maybe, but it’s something that slips through the cracks way too easily. When it comes down to it, our bedrooms are called bedrooms for a reason, and it should be an escape from the frustration of everyday life. Coming home to a dirty room after a long day of classes and tests should be the last thing you want to happen. Not only did you have a stressful day, but now you have to come home and sleep in stress too. Hang pretty pictures up on your wall or light some candles – just get rid of clutter and you’re already on your way to a state of blissful rest.

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3. Treat yo’self.

In other words, give yourself something to look forward to every night before you lay down in bed. Creating a little ritual every night that relaxes you will eventually start sending signals to your body that it’s time to go to sleep soon. Paint, drink a cup of sleepy tea (my favorite), run a bath with soothing essential oils, read that new book you’ve been wanting to check out, or play some good tunes to get you in the mood. If you have a Pandora account, simply type in the word “Sleep” into the search bar and you’ll be offered a ton of different selections.

Take these tips and run with them – straight into your bed. Sweet dreams, Collegiettes!

Haleigh is a 22 year old college student who is slowly but surely getting closer and closer to graduating from the beautiful Florida State University (in May, to be exact). With a love for puppies that's almost too much to handle at times and a slight obsession with sushi, Haleigh is passionate about all things cute and fun, with a hint of sass. Go Noles!
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