The Ultimate Essentials List for Finals Week

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and for students that means only one thing: finals week. It’s common for college kids to set into panic mode and try to cram everything into the last few days leading up to the test. To reduce the unavoidable stress, there are a lot of things you can do to prepare for your exams ahead of time and create a better mental state for studying. Here are the six essentials you need to survive those long hours studying and your final exams.

Fresh & Clean Environment

In order to properly retain information and focus on your test questions, a fresh and clean environment is a must. You won’t be distracted by the chores you have left to do or the mess piling up around you if everything is tidy and put together. This also applies to our bodies! It’s easy to forget to shower or even brush our teeth when we are so caught up in studying and freshening up a bit makes the world of a difference on our mental state. Remember: a clean environment is a clean mind.

Comfy Clothes

Does this one really need an explanation? Everyone wants to be comfortable when working hard, so put on your coziest pajamas or a your favorite sweatpants to study. Within the comfort of your home you can be as relaxed and as casual as you like. Being in comfy clothes prepares you for lots of sitting and keeps you on Easy Street for the long haul. 

A Study Schedule

Having a solid and realistic study schedule is key. Plan out how you are going to utilize your free time during finals week for last minute review and helps you remember when to take your final exams. With everything going on, your brain may be a little clouded. You don’t want to miss out on valuable study time or accidentally sleep through your test. Set those alarms, ladies!

Calming Playlists 

Find or make a playlist that has some of your favorite film scores or songs from another language that you don’t understand. These types of songs can be played in the background without giving you the urge to sing along and can help you concentrate more on your studies. Calming playlists are easy to find and set the tone for a relaxing and stress-free study session.

The Right Snacks

While it’s quick to grab a mini bag of chips every time you sit down to study, try to find a balance. Eat your favorite guilty pleasure snacks but remember to pair them with healthy fruits and veggies. If you are a coffee drinker, balance every cup of coffee with a cup of cold water to stay hydrated and avoid the dreaded caffeine-crash. By having a diverse set of snacks and beverages at your disposal, it keeps your brain focused and your snacking tendencies in check.

A Smorgasbord of Supplies

Grab everything you could possibly need before you start your study session: textbooks, your notes from class, flashcards, pens, pencils, highlighters, post-its, scrap paper - you name it. Not only will you have a cute flat-lay to post on your Instagram story for finals week, but you won’t lose your train of thought by getting up to retrieve something you previously forgot.

Finals week can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Being equipped with these essentials for those late-night study sessions can help you finish the semester strong.

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