Treat Yo’ Self this V-Day: The Best Gifts for You

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, whether you have a S.O. or not, these gifts will help you show yourself some love. From Coffee Addicts to Book Nerds, we’ve got you covered for the best products to help you Treat Yo’ Self this V-Day.

Coffee Addicts & Tea Enthusiasts

1. A French Press so both you and your coffee can be extra AF

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2. This V-Day Tea Sampler from Teavana that has heavenly favors including: Apple Pie a la Mode, Tiramisu, and Carmel Truffle

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3This glorious unicorn mug you never knew you needed

Courtesy: Smoko


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1. Sitting in Bars with Cake by Audrey Shulman – a hilarious chronical of bad dates and better cake. Includes 35 recipes.

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2. A Cheese-Making Kit because there is no (grater) love than the love for cheese.

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3. This enamel pizza pin that will let everyone know who bae is.

Courtesy: Etsy


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Fitness Junkies

1. The world’s greatest yoga mat because you’re fit AND have your priorities in order.

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2. Fitspiration for Friday before Happy Hour

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3. A S’well water bottle so you can hydrate in style

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Beauty Gurus

1. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick so you can slay all day.  

Courtesy: Sephora


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2. Shea Salt Scrub so your skin will be silky-smooth fivever.

Courtesy: Basen


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3. This set of 8 Essential Oils so you can breathe in lavender and breath out negative vibes.

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Book Nerds

1. Join the Book of the Month Club and choose 1 of 5 bestselling books each month. NEW BOOKS. ALL THE TIME. Introverts are screaming *internally*.

Courtesy: Book of the Month


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2. A BookBook for your MacBook

Courtesy: Twelve South


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3. A cute book-tee from Out of Print because you’re smart AND trendy

Courtesy: Out of Print


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