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Top 10 Booty-Blasting Gym Workouts for Spring

It seems as though big butts are the new fad these days. We hear Iggy and J-Lo singing about big booties on the radio, we see Kim K’s bare butt practically taking up the ENTIRE cover of a magazine, and our Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of models with bounteous booties. What is a girl with an average backside supposed to do?!

Well, fear not, Collegiettes! Here are the top ten best workouts you can do to achieve that bountiful backside you’ve been wanting, and with spring break less than two months away, you’ll want to hit the gym fast!

1. Squats — It’s evident that squats are the most talked about, most popular workout for your butt, and it’s for a good reason! Squats target all the right areas. Besides your glutes, squats work out your quads, hammies and calves. Remember to keep your back as straight as possible, and to not let your knees go over your toes.

2. Sumo-Squats — What a lot of people don’t know about this variation of squats is that it’s actually better for your butt than regular squats! A sumo squat is like a regular squat, except you separate your feet a bit more for a wider stance. Giving your feet more distance from each other works out your glutes even more, and targets your stubborn inner thighs!

3. Lunges This is one workout that tends to get overlooked when thinking about improving your butt. Lunges, however, are the perfect exercise to do if you want to target your glutes and quads. It’s also great for improving your balance!

4. Deadlifts — This is a workout mainly done by cross fitters and power-lifters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out! Deadlifts are great because aside from your bum, they’re a killer hamstring workout. Keep your feet parallel with your shoulders and the bar in front of you. Once you lift the bar, remember to keep your back as straight as possible and stick that booty out!

5. Leg-Press — I love leg presses for one reason: you get to sit down! This is the ultimate lazy girl workout because you can feel the burn without having to stand! It may not seem as though you’re working out your butt because you’re sitting on it, but on the contrary, the in-and-out motion of your legs stretches all the way down to your glutes, giving them a nice workout.

6. Front Squats — This is another workout that is done a lot by cross fitters, but what I love most about front squats is that along with your legs, it really targets your core AND back. Resting the weight on your shoulders forces your body to maintain its balance by squeezing your core and back muscles to prevent yourself from falling forward.

7. Weighted Step-Ups/Stairs — Step-ups are usually compared to stairs because the motion of your legs is very much alike. The difference is that step-ups are usually slower, and stairs are meant more for cardio. Another great thing about step-ups is that you can add weight to your back; the more weight you use, the stronger your butt and legs will become.

8. Donkey Kickbacks — Donkey kickbacks are another great lazy girl workout; you get to work out your bum without having to stand! Grab a mat and keep your hands parallel with your shoulders, and your knees parallel with your hips. One leg at a time, push your foot way up into the air to experience optimal butt burn. Along with your butt, donkey kickbacks help shred the fat on your hamstrings and keep your quads firm.

9. Standing Kickbacks — Donkey kickbacks and standing kickbacks are similar, but can you guess the difference? If you said, “you stand while doing standing kickbacks,” then you’re right! Genius! What I really love about standing kickbacks is that all of the attention is going to your butt, so it’s the perfect workout if your main focus is your backside.

10. Hip-Lift Progression — Aside from targeting your butt, hip-lifts really work out your core and abs. Push your hips off the mat, keeping your bum nice and tight while contracting your core. The tightening of all those muscles is a sure way to keep your body looking toned and firm.

Alex is native to Miami, Florida but currently resides in Tallahassee. She's a Senior at Florida State double majoring in Editing, Writing and Media and Media Communications.
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