Top 10 Bad Roommate Horror Stories

Sometimes your roommate is your best friend… or your worst nightmare. Here are the top 10 bad roommates stories that will spook you! Names are changed to protect their identities.

1. “Sophomore year I never once spoke to one of my roommates. She only would leave us notes that said things like “Do the dishes” or “Turn the AC down." I literally never heard her voice. One night after going out, I left my fake lashes on the coffee table and in the morning they were stuck to a note that said, “Clean up after yourself." She was so odd.” - Kennedy

2. “Freshman year in the dorms, I walked in on my crazy roommate f***ing her boyfriend when I left to take out the trash because they thought I wasn't coming back. She moved out a month later.” - Jade

3. “My roommate was having a friend stay with us for the weekend. I was hanging out with friends late one night and walked back to my dorm at like 2 am. My door latch was locked and finally after knocking on the door for 5 minutes, my roommate opened the door wearing a silky robe. So when I went to bed I heard whispering and realized there was a random guy in the bed with her. I woke up in the morning to find out that she kicked out her friend to sleep with this kid and she was apparently naked under the sheets when I went to open the door to let her friend come back in the room at 7am. She made her friend sleep on the floor while she was naked cuddling with some guy she met at Bajas nightclub. Apparently I interrupted her losing her virginity that night but she didn't text me a code word. LOL. Oops” - Sarah

4. “Summer B freshman year in Valencia my old roommate moved out and I got a new roommate who moved in while I was traveling. This girl moved in and moved all my belongings to the other side of the room. She took pictures of my boyfriend and friends off my bulletin board and took my belongings out of my desk and moved all of it. I came back from 32 hours of no sleep and traveling to all my belongings moved. So I got one of my male roommates to help me move everything back and slide the beds across the room. I hadn’t met her at this point because she was at the market with another person who lived in our apartment. She came back and I was napping in my bed. She never mentioned anything about it until the director of the program found out and asked me if I was okay. And then she refused to switch rooms because she had moved in all her stuff even though I had been in that room 6 weeks before she arrived. So basically the rest of the summer I would work out and blast rap in our room at 7:30 when she would get ready for bed. Best of all, she had no idea that gin was liquor and got us all in trouble for having liquor in our apartment.” - Kendall


5. “My freshman roommate would let her guy friends eat my food when I wasn’t there. One time I was in the shower and I guess they didn’t realize I was home and I could hear them talking sh*t about me while digging through my food.” - Alexa

6. “Freshman year I lived with three girls who went to the same high school. One girl got mad that I became close to the other two. She got intoxicated and banged on my door at 3 am saying I was racist and that she wanted to fight me :-) Happened twice.” - Mary


7. “My freshman year I lived with a girl who went out every single night and would get drunk and then work. She would come home at like 4 am in the morning and turn on all the lights. She would sleep for two hours and wake up at 7 am and turn all the lights on again, go for a run and come back in like an hour to turn all the lights on again ALL before I had even gotten out of bed. It was so annoying.” - Isabella


8. “Last year I lived in a 3/3 apartment with my friend and a random. The random was literally the most crazy human I’ve never known. She would yell at my roommate and I if we didn’t do the dishes at the time she wanted them done and blow up our phones with pages and pages of texts about how shitty we were as roommates. There was a tiny crack in our blinds going to the balcony and she told us she won’t pay for the damage because she had never walked out on the balcony. She constantly bullied my roommate and I. The worst human ever” - Ella


9. “One night I was laying in bed on my laptop. I heard my roommate crying all of the sudden. When I asked her what was wrong, she said that she believed she was abducted by aliens when she was a kid. My suitemates and I all spent several hours calming her down and I’ve been freaked out ever since.” - Brooke


10. "Freshman year, I came home after a night of having fun at the Strip and indulging in at the time, the infamous $2 ten nugget meal from McDonald’s. Other forms of entertainment I could enjoy was watching Netflix on my laptop or removing my T.V. from storage, and plugging in the cord for the cable into the corner of the wall, the only input in the dorm room. Living in the dorms, you can imagine the limited space I had available for entertainment and storage. Now imagine it even smaller. I walk over to my dorm across the street after leaving McDonald’s, walked up the stairway to my room, opened the door as far as I could since there was a girl sleeping on the floor at the foot of my bed. The same T.V. mentioned earlier was plugged into the corner, turned on and playing a movie with no audience. My roommate was lying in bed knocked out like a light. Oh and speaking of, the lights of our dorm room, the sink light, and her desk lamp were on. That’s how I was able to see that not only my drawers and closet door were open but that my clothes and personal belongings were rummaged through and scattered on the floor to find my T.V. and the remote. Definitely not what I expected to find at 2:30A.M. in the morning. After getting the girl on the floor to leave and storing my belongings as quickly as I could, so I could sleep, is when I realized I was cursed for the semester with a bad roommate." -Julie

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