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As the years that I have spent at Florida State University (FSU) begin to come to a close, I have been stressed (as expected). I have spent some time reflecting on the person I am today compared to who I was when I got here. No, I’m not graduating yet, but I am soon! The weeks are flying by, so it’s about time that I started thinking about my past.

When I got to Florida State, I was a biology pre-med major in a music dorm with my music major friends. I didn’t know anyone other than my three friends and I also had a random roommate. Our room was small but we both had non-American parents, so we quickly got close. The two of us shared a bathroom with two other girls across the hall, which was just big enough to take four steps in one direction and three in the other.

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My first experience with drama at FSU was when a girl I knew from back home texted me because I supposedly deleted her on Snapchat. I don’t know about you, but when I see posts that I’m no longer interested in or just give me bad vibes, I’m not going to force myself to stay and be miserable. It’s a habit I’ve learned to accept and be non-apologetic about, and so should you. This experience was the first in many where I realized that drama isn’t worth it most of the time. You don’t need to apologize constantly, especially if you are trying to be your best self. Don’t put others down for it, but unfollowing someone on social media is not a personal attack.

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College really is what you make of it. I’ve heard so many stories about how someone went into a ton of debt and couldn’t find a job coming out of college. What I’d be interested in hearing is what it is that they did while they were here. Have they been looking for jobs? Applying? How about networking? Were they in clubs while on campus, and did they make genuine connections with others, take on internships and so on? Being in Her Campus for my last year and a half here have made me realize that. Although I’m pre-med and am not particularly interested in having a career in communications or journalism (not that you need either to be a part of Her Campus, of course), every major has opportunities to help you succeed.

Where you live doesn’t matter all that much. Of course, staying in a safe place is essential. But you know what isn’t? Living in a luxurious apartment. It can cost three times the rent of other sites that just don’t look pretty or have an enormous television in the living room. If you’re going into debt because of your living area, I would consider moving. Keep that money safe from debt and focus on having a nice place when you can genuinely afford it.

Lastly, learn how to organize and plan your life and finances. I don’t know why no one tells you how important this is every day, but they should. Controlling your finances to make sure you have the money for what you want and need is essential, so manage your time. A master organizer isn’t nerdy anymore; it’s someone I would be incredibly jealous of. We all should be because they’ve got their stuff together and know how to use their time efficiently.

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Kyla Roginski is a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences at Florida State University. She grew up in New York and recently lived in Panama City Beach, FL. She has a cat named Lydia, a dog named Teddy, loves snickerdoodles, and is obsessed with updating her LinkedIn profile.
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