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Working out in college can be overwhelming, and it might feel daunting with all the options. I’ll be listing four different places in Tallahassee and what they offer to make it a little bit easier for you.

Campus Recreation

Florida State offers full-time students free access to its facilities which include the Dr. Bobby E. Leach Center and the Fitness and Movement Clinic.

The Dr. Bobby E. Leach Center, also known as the Leach, offers all the cardio machines you can think of including free weights and squat racks. They also offer access to the swimming pools, spa, sauna and steam room. 

The Fitness and Movement Clinic is on the second floor of the Health and Wellness Center, and it is a smaller gym which is good for those who want a different setting from the big gym.

If you’re interested in taking group fitness classes, they have over 12 different options for students to take: F45, Spin, Kickboxing, Hard Core 30, Cardio Dance, Step 45, Barre, Mat Pilates, Yoga (Vinyasa and Power), Cardio Firm and Burn, Total Body Sculpt, Total Body Express and more. The F45 program is split up into days of the week that focus on a specific goal: Strength, Cardio and Hybrid.

I have personally taken more than 10 of the classes listed above and can say they are great. Most of the classes are student-led by trained instructors who make the classes fun and interactive. My favorite classes to take are Spin, Mat Pilates and Cardio Burn and Firm.

It’s a great option for students looking to be active on a budget since it’s usually included in our fees and is walker-friendly for those who don’t have access to a car.

To sign up for these download the FSU Campus Recreation app.

Campus Recreation also offers Intramural (IM) sports for those interested in being active that way.

Top Dog

Top Dog Fitness is a gym meant primarily for college students where they offer classes seven days a week with specified body-targeted days like Leg Day. They have both a women’s program and men’s with the workouts laid out for you when you go. There are classes every half an hour, and the price for a membership from September to April is $99 a month. They also offer a free trial where you can join for two of the classes.

I just finished the free trial, and you definitely feel it. It was nice to have the workouts already planned out for you since I struggle with that when I go to the gym. The workout plans are circuits, so they have stations set up with the equipment, and the staff goes through it with you before you begin.

It’s located off-campus on Tennessee St.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a barre studio that offers full-body, low-impact, high-intensity group fitness classes. They offer a free Foundations Class for individuals interested. Their group fitness classes are Foundations, Classic (Ball + Weights + Double Tube), Pure Reform (Resistance + Strength + Sliders) and Pure Empower (Cardio + Barre + Interval Training). 

Their rates vary with the first class being free and then $99 the first month for unlimited classes. After, with the student discount, it’s around $127. If you’re interested in learning more about their rates, check out their site.

They are located off-campus near Governor’s Square.

coming soon

Cyclebar is a new cycling studio opening up in the Tallahassee area. They will be offering a variety of spinning classes from Foundations to Performance.

It will be located off-campus by Thomasville Road.

There are these and many more options all over Tallahassee for you to work out. Many of them are coached and scheduled giving you accountability while others allow you to have full control of your routine. No matter your preference, it is definitely possible for you to squeeze in a workout while in college.

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