Start of Semester Woes: Regaining Your Calm and Control

Collegiettes! Now that the fourth week of classes has begun, I think it’s a good time to check your temperature. How are you doing, really? It’s an important question, and you should be as honest with yourself as you possibly can. We all get lost in the time table of the college life, so much so that we forget to double check on ourselves.

Though the beginning of any semester feels like it’s kind of crazy it can also be a very stressful time. Whether you struggle with mental illness, have the impending reality of graduation hanging over your head, or anything in between, the first few days of class can be quite taxing, physically and mentally. So here’s your invitation to slow down, check out and make sure you stay rooted in a manageable reality.

Reality # 1: Being late on the first day is expected. Everyone is trying to figure out their morning routines, which garages have parking at which times, which building they’re going to and where the classroom is. There’s a lot to think about. But if you cope with social anxiety to any degree, a whole classroom of your peers staring at you when you walk in late isn’t something you want. If it helps, remember the wise words of a former Queen:

Courtesy: Tumblr user "lejazzshot"

Say this just to yourself, under your breath and repeat it until you find a seat. Pretending you’re royalty can lower your heart rate and make you stand a little taller. But be sure to apologize to your professor for the interruption - royalty is confident but humble.

Reality #2: You HAVE to eat. 

Courtesy: Manforhealth Wordpress blog

If you have classes back-to-back with no break, coupled with extracurricular activities, homework and a part-time job(s), it becomes very easy to forget to nourish yourself. This, however, simply won’t do. What’s the solution? Pack a snack. Make sure you pack something that will give you the right kind of energy. You’ve probably found that you can run on Redbull and M&M’s, but that’s not good in the long run. Fruit and sandwiches are extremely portable with the help of a small lunchbox. An apple or banana for breakfast or a mid-day snack with tuna on wheat for lunch will do you wonders, trust me. This is not to say every day has to be a post right out of every diet blog you’ve ever seen. Splurge, but don’t forget the healthy stuff!

Reality #3: Independent transportation is not always your bestie. Everyone with a car tries to drive to school during the first week, but the reality is that there just isn’t enough parking to accommodate the number of students with their own transportation. The parking situation can also ruin your mood for the whole day, and no one wants that. I’ve found the school bus system, and even the city buses, are extremely helpful in getting to and from class in a timely manner. Also, your bank account may thank you in the long run; the money you save on gas can be used for more fun or useful things.

Always look out for yourselves, lovelies. It’s cliché, but you’re the only you you’ve got.