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Spring Blooms in Paris: Jacquemus Floral Pop-up Shop

French fashion designer Simon Port Jacquemus opened up a pop-up flower shop in Paris just in time for spring. Jacquemus is well-known for its bold and chic designs that embody the best parts of French fashion. The designer is known for creating playful and unexpected designs like the micro bag and the oversized straw hat. Both of the polarizing designs took over the internet. Able to take some criticism, Jacquemus seemed willing to embrace the meme of the micro bag in an article for The Cut, stating, “If you don’t consider it a bag, consider it jewelry, you know?”  

According to Vogue France, Jacquemus has always been interested in flowers, as they are a source of a lot of his design inspiration, so the progression to selling flowers makes sense. Aside from that, Jacquemus was looking to promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry and up-cycling. Beyond serving as a reminder for more conscious fashion, the pop-up store serves as a source of light and joy to the Parisians who continue to face hardships amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the continued lockdowns and strict guidelines in France. This effort shows the French designer’s commitment and openness to sharing his creativity and designs, especially within his community. 

eiffel tower and flowers
Photo by Dex Ezekiel from Unsplash

The floral pop-up shop, named Les Fleurs, will be open exclusively at the Paris location in the city’s 18th arrondissement from March 27 to April 3 and will be operating to accommodate pick-up and delivery orders from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This store was made possible through Jacquemus’s collaboration with Fleurs de Paul, who helped them design a signature bouquet of Ranunculus for the occasion. However, the partnership only seems natural since many of Jacquemus’s designs feature bright colors that pair well with florals and spring designs.

This isn’t the first time the French designer played off of the color palette of his designs and the beauty of his home country of France. The Cut explains that Jacquemus chose to hold the fashion show on a breathtaking lavender field runway in Provence. Given his job as a designer, Jacquemus is no stranger to thinking outside of the box and taking his ideas and designs to the next level in delivery!

Women’s Wear Daily explains that the bouquets are being sold at 30 euros apiece for the 10th anniversary of the brand. Aside from getting a lovely bouquet, the customers get a taste of Jacquemes’s designs as the bouquets are being sold wrapped in recycled fabrics from past seasons of the brand that pair well with the signature bouquet. The recycled fabrics are even marked with the Jacquemes name, making them extra photo-worthy. This simple idea offers the unique opportunity of a bit of high fashion for people who are fans of the designer and may not be on a high fashion budget. Hopefully, this collaboration extends beyond the one week, given that they have enough fabric, and becomes a regular pop-up at different locations around the world!

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