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Simple and Sweet: Couple Bonds Over Cooking and Fashion

Our Campus Cutie this week features sophomore Nicole Fernandez and Dylan Dusseault. They are a fun, out-going, and great couple!


Majors: Psychology and Political Science/International Affairs

Her Campus (HC): What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Nicole Fernandez (NF): I really enjoy shopping, hanging out with my friends, and cooking. I also love to watch TV on the weekends.

Dylan Dusseault (DD): I love to longboard, play videogames, and cook with Nicole.

HC: Cooking! What are some of your favorite things to make together?

NF: I have always loved making food and now I am really into baking. I love getting ideas from #Pinterest, too! I love making baked chicken stuffed with mozzarella and mushrooms. I also make great stuffed tomatoes.

HC: Do you have any suggestions for our readers who want to cook something tonight?

DD: Taking a simple idea and expanding on it works out best. Like with the mozzarella chicken, it’s just chicken but adding store bought ingredients gives it more flavor. You basically take cooking chicken up a notch.

HC: Sounds easy enough! How about your fashion senses? You said you love to shop!

NF: I kind of go by the same rules with my cooking adventures. I definitely like branching out with my personal style and taking risks, but at the same time I like to be comfortable for class. I take a simple staple piece and work some other things into an outfit. For example, I would take a pair of denim jeans and a long-sleeved top and put it with a fun printed scarf.

HC: How about you, Dylan?

DD: I like cardigans and Chinos with some Vans.

HC: Where do you like to buy your clothes?

DD: My favorite stores are H&M, Cotton On, and Urban Outfitters.

HC: Awesome! What is a perfect date for you guys?

DD: Well, I really like April 5th. That’s a good date. Ha-ha, just messing with you! I think the ideal date is dinner and a movie. Classic.

HC: That sounds fun. Thanks for your time guys!

NF: You’re so welcome!  

DD: Thank you!


Amanda is a Senior at Florida State University who loves writing about local Tallahassee culture, anything fashion related, and tips to help all college girls live a happy & healthy lifestyle! She also has her own blog, www.affordablebyamanda.com where she talks about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and college related tips!
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