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Stress is a feeling that causes a person physical, mental and emotional tension. It looks different on everyone. Some people may feel exhausted, have trouble sleeping, feel pressure to be the best, lose their desire to do things they normally enjoy or experience headaches.

In a day, we face many things and some days it can be difficult to manage it all. From being a college student to having a job, worrying about your future and all while staying safe in the middle of a pandemic can cause you to feel overwhelmed, drained and stressed. That’s why you need to do activities that help you to feel relaxed, decrease your stress and give you a sense of calmness. So, I want to share with you seven of my personal favorite ways to relax after a stressful day.

1. Reading a book

woman writing in notebook
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Try picking up a good book or even a magazine. Reading a good book helps you to just focus on one thing. Just you and the book, helping to distract you from the things that are causing you to stress. 

2. Listening to music

Listening to boombox
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One of the simplest ways to relax is by playing your favorite playlist. 

Music can have a big affect on your mood. Music helps you to relax, loosen up, have fun and take your mind off anything negative. Just one song can have the quickest turnaround on your mood. So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with school, work, your relationship or anything, turn on your dope playlist and just vibe out. 

3. Taking a bubble bath

Days when I feel as if I need some extra care, a nice hot bubble bath always does the trick for me. A great suggestion would be to try adding in some eucalyptus Epsom salt. It’s a great way to soothe your muscles, helping you to relax. Also, try lighting a candle. There are multiple scented candles that bring positive effects on your mood. 

4. Exercise

pink yoga mat with two pink weights and other exercise equipment
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When you exercise, your body releases a chemical known as endorphins, which generate a positive feeling to your mind and body. Being active is the best way to improve your mood and help you to relax. There are various forms of exercise. For example, yoga, stretching, going to the gym and going for a run. When I need a boost of energy and some clarity when feeling stressed, I love to go for a run.

5. Meditation

woman meditating with dog beside her
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This is something new that I have recently been trying and I absolutely love it. Meditation is not as difficult as many people think. Just take 10 minutes out of your day to sit in quietness and reflect on anything you wish. Trust me, the more you practice, the more you will enjoy it. Don’t worry about not being able to turn off your mind and thoughts. It’s all about creating peace, calmness and clarity. This is by far one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling stressed. 

6. Finding a new environment

Person running
Photo by Emma Simpson from Unsplash
Looking at the same four walls and sitting at your desk on zoom all day can cause you to feel tense. Sometimes, all it takes is getting out of the house and getting a breath of fresh air. Seeing new things, being exposed to sunlight or taking a walk around your neighborhood are some ways to help you relax.

7. Watching TV or a movie

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters from Unsplash
When I’m feeling drained and I need a chance to regroup, whenever I have time, I take the opportunity to lie in bed all day and binge-watch my favorite TV shows. It helps me to forget about whatever it is that I may be feeling exhausted about. Good TV shows and movies that make you smile, laugh, scream and cry are what help take your mind off negative things. Recently, I’ve watched the new Netflix series Bridgerton, which I definitely recommend watching if you haven’t. 

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Keira is a sophomore pursuing an Editing, Writing & Media degree with a minor in Media Communications. She loves fashion, traveling, and going for runs.
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