Self Love as a Single

All the single ladies put your hands up! Despite the fact that independent Girl Bosses are becoming more and more praised in today’s society, there’s still this tendency to measure our worth on another’s affection. Thanksgiving is a brigade of are you seeing anyone, and if not, then what are you waiting for? This mindset can cause you to self-doubt, asking yourself questions like What’s wrong with me? Or what do I do since I’m single? While I can’t quiet your relative’s interrogations, I can show you how to focus on loving yourself instead of someone else:

Try New Things

Courtesy: Donovan Valdivia

Being single is the perfect time to try new things and experiment with hobbies. When you’re in a relationship, you have to consider the interest of another person, but now you can focus on finding things that make you happy. You have a lot more time when you're single, meaning you can spend it on finding new hobbies. Have you wanted to try painting or a dancing class? Then do it! You never know what fun hobby you’ll pick up.


Courtesy: Guilherme Stecanella

This is the best time to be spontaneous because you don’t have to worry about leaving your significant other (SO) out. Now’s the time to travel to different places. The best part about being single is that no one depends on you, so take advantage of that. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous; whether it’s a trip to the farmers market or a flight to Europe, push yourself out of your comfort zones. It’s a lot harder to travel when you’re trying to work around another person’s schedule, budget and interests.  You can choose to go with friends or to travel solo. You can freely travel without having to worry about leaving anyone behind or, worse, them getting jealous, so what are you waiting for?

Focus on Your Other Relationships

Courtesy: Priscilla Du Preez

When you’re in a relationship, it can be easy for your other relationships to fall to the side. Since you’re single, focus on those relationships. Girls’ Night? Hell yeah, spend a night on the town or have a movie night in. However, don’t forget about your friends who are in relationships. You may be worried about third-wheeling, but if they invited you out that’s the last thing on their mind. Regardless of who you choose to hang out with, take advantage of the fact that that it is your choice, no awkward encounters with your SO’s loved ones required!

Put Yourself First

Courtesy: Anthony Tran

While it’s important to focus on building other relationships besides just romantic ones, it’s also important to focus on yourself. It’s easy to still fall into the habit of putting another person first, whether it’s your friends or family, but now’s the time to truly focus on yourself. So, while it’s great to spend a night out with loved ones, don’t be afraid to say no if you’d rather spend a night in cuddling with your pet and watching Netflix.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take yourself on a date. It may sound silly, but nothing screams self-care like a day out by yourself. Have a movie you’ve been dying to see? Go see it! Who knows, maybe you’ll even treat yourself to a large bag of popcorn?

While it’s a cliché, it’s true: you are the only person you’re spending your entire life with, so might as well start loving yourself!

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