Secret Study Spots in Tallahassee

Finding that perfect place to study is difficult enough. The perfect balance of background noise is unattainable at the library. Tallahassee just so happens to have a wealth of hidden gems if you know where to look. Here are some of the best!

Maple Street Biscuit Company

You can get your steps in walking from campus for their amazing biscuits. There’s always a perfect ratio of background noise to soothe you into studying. Not only that, they have free refills. Not of biscuits, that would be heavenly, but of their homemade sweet tea and iced coffee. Yes, that means you can drink unlimited iced coffee while you’re there. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. Here’s the catch- it’s closed on Sundays.

Greenwise Publix

Why am I mentioning a market in a study spots list? Don’t you study in the dairy aisle too? All jokes aside, Greenwise has a beautiful study area in their upstairs area. They have soft seats with retractable desks and comfy booths for when you study with friends. You don’t even need to leave for lunch since they have a café and premade meals downstairs (you can also probably swing bringing your own lunch because they have microwaves upstairs). And it’s still walking distance from campus!

Catalina Café

If you enjoy the ambiance of an actual café or sitting outside on a nice weather day, you can walk right next door from the Greenwise Publix to Catalina Café. Honestly, they’re $3 cold brew has gotten me through too many papers and their avocado toast isn’t overpriced.

Red Eye Coffee

This is more of a drive away, but definitely worth it. Red Eye is actually administered by the same people who run Catalina café (staying local and whatnot). There’s also an absurd amount of people with dogs who come here and the actual Tallahassee natives. Fun fact: Last year, this was Joe Biden’s landing spot in Tallahassee near election day.

SoDough Baking Company

On Thomasville Rd, you’ll find this delectable cafe owned by the MadSo people. They even have bread balls filled with BLT dip! Their sitting area is the most calming place ever with the added bonus of picture-perfect donuts. You can also get refills of iced tea and coffee for $1.

Chi Chi's

Studying with a café Cubano and pastelito? Yes, yes and yes. With the added bonus of it being right next to campus, Chi Chi’s is where all your studying dreams come true. They also have daily food and coffee deals to watch out for on their Instagram account. Warning, don’t drink an entire colada without knowing that your hands will begin to shake. It helps me type faster but that’s a personal risk.

Cascades Park

Nature! Studying outside a Cascades Park is calming and with the fall weather kicking in you won’t have to sweat out your homework. If you brought a fuzzy friend to school with you, they can also come join you! This is definitely a worthwhile tradeoff for snacks, or maybe you should just bring your own snacks.

All Saints Café

This is definitely one of the more hidden gems in Tallahassee. It’s on Railroad Ave and is home to the Tallahassee Film Society. Their eclectic vibes are accompanied by an absurdly large syrup collection and pastries. They are open until midnight too!

Serenity Kava Shop

Serenity Kava is the place if you enjoy open floor plans and an abundance of light. Go grab a coffee or tea and relax at the café.

All images courtesy of Yelp.

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