Recap: Clutch X CMA Fashion Show and Release Party

On April 12, 2017, Clutch Magazine and the Collegiate Merchandising Association at Florida State closed off Madison Street for the release party of the Spring 2017 issue of Clutch. Not only was it a party, but it was also a fashion show. Free issues of the magazine were handed out at the Clutch and CMA booth along with complimentary popcorn and Instagram worthy cotton candy.

Courtesy: Clutch Magazine on Instagram

Along the street there were several pop up shops that are familiar to FSU. Olde Fields Clothing Company was selling FSU inspired apparel like their iconic feather crop top. Ellis Porter design was there selling jewelry and Ohh La La Boutique was also there selling everything from sunglasses to clothing. Madison Social‘s bar was mixing drinks and there was even a photo booth!

The theme of the show followed the theme of the magazine, which was springing to life. The show featured some of the same pieces that were in the magazine. As the sun began to set over Madison Street, the models began to walk the runway, wearing an array beiges and popping pinks. The sunset accented the silky pinks and white colors and textures as the models strutted to their pose. Embroidered jackets were a popular featured accessory and the fashion show featured a few dad hats!

Courtesy: Gabby Gialenios on Instagram

Clutch did a great job showing a diverse spring wardrobe. They not only had typical spring colors but dark colors and plenty of awesome distressed jeans If you’re wondering about accessories, there were plenty of those as well. Transparent balloons and umbrellas were carried down the runway along with some bulky and beaded bags.

Several male models walked down the runway including the general manager at Madison Social, Zac Barlett. According to the editor in chief Madison Marshall, Barlett was nervous about his walk down the runway, but it didn’t show as he worked the crowd in a denim on denim outfit. The other male models wore sleek outfits that seemed inspired by New York Fashion Week street style. Although the show was a bit short, it did showcase amazing outfits and models. You could see all the hard work the Clutch team put into their fashion show event.

Courtesy: Julia Klein on Instagram

The Spring 2017 issue of Clutch features amazing styles and great articles. In their letter from the editors Julia Klein, the creative director and Madison Marshall, the editor in chief said, “This season's issue was inspired by people’s innate beauty while also encompassing the spring and summer trends of 2017.” The magazine had natural beauty shining through and a diverse spread that brought the beauty of the clothing, models and scenery to life. With spreads titled “Gyp Sea”,  “Back in the Groove” and “Les Femmes”, the diversity of spring and summer fashion was sure to make an impact.

Beautiful fashion spreads are not all the magazine has to offer. There are articles on everything from DIY beauty, how to roll your own sushi and how to declutter your life. They are an easy and intriguing read, making Clutch very successful this season. The Clutch team did an amazing job with their fashion show and publication. Be sure to get yourself a copy before they run out!