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Ranking Lush’s Bath Bombs So You Don’t Have To

If you are anything like me, then you are obsessed with Lush products. My guilty pleasure is their bath bombs. I have never disliked one of their bath bombs but to me, there are ones that are clearly better than the others. I am going to rank every bath bomb I have personally tried, and I will rank them based on three categories: look before dissolving, smell and look after dissolving all out of 10. Then, I will give them an overall score. 

The first bath bomb I ever tried was the Avobath.

Avobath bomb
Original photo by Riley Williamson

This was a good bomb. However, the bomb itself is a little underwhelming with color. It is just green with nothing else. It’s a pretty green, but very basic. The smell is good; it’s described by Lush as a” citrusy and herbal smell.”

My rankings are like this:

Look before dissolving (LBD): five/10

Smell: seven/10

Look after dissolving (LAD): five/10

Overall: seven/10

It’s definitely a solid bath bomb but compared to their other ones, it’s underwhelming in color.

My next bath bomb is the classic Intergalactic.

Intergalactic bath bomb
Original photo by Riley Williamson

This bomb is definitely one of their prettiest bombs. The blue, yellow and pink as the bomb dissolves are mesmerizing. After the bomb finishes, it ends up being a sparkly blue. The smell is also good but underwhelming on this one. This one is definitely more about looks than smell. However, it still smells good, it’s just not as strong as some of the others. According to Lush, the smell is “herbal.”

My rankings are like this:

LBD: eight/10 

Smell: five/10

LAD: nine/10 

Overall: seven/10

This is the bomb you get when you want a really pretty bath and a cool dissolving effect.

The next bath bomb up for ranking is the Groovy Kind of Love.

Now this bomb has to be one of my favorites. The color is amazing with the rainbow and the smells are also really great. This one looks pretty before and after use. Lush describes the smell as “herbal and floral.”

My rankings go like this:

LBD: 10/10

Smell: 10/10

LAD: 10/10

Overall: 10/10 

Overall, I have nothing negative to say about this bomb. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

The next bomb I’ve tried is the Turtle.

Turtle Bath bomb
Original photo by Riley Williamson

Now, this bomb is described as a jelly bomb instead of a bath bomb. Basically, it turns into a jelly or slime-like substance. That idea really intrigued me and I was excited to see it. However, I was let down. I thought the slime was just kind of a weird texture and just didn’t enjoy it. The water was pretty green and blue, and the shape was super cute. However, the smell was underwhelming.

LBD: eight/10

Smell: four/10 

LAD: five/10

Overall: six/10

This one is probably my least favorite bomb I’ve used. 

This next one is a special one. It is the Fireball bomb. 

I got it from Lush U.K. I don’t believe this one was offered at Lush in the United States. I got this one in Dublin, Ireland. The colors of this one were amazing. It was red, yellow and orange just like fire. It was flame-shaped with little spikes which was really cool. This one is one of my favorites ever. 

LBD: 10/10

Smell: eight/10

LAD: 10/10

Overall: nine/10 

This one is one of my all-time favorites, but sadly, I probably won’t be able to get it again for a while since it’s only sold in the U.K. 

Now, the time you’ve all been waiting for: The Final Ranking 

  1. Groovy Kind of Love 
  2. Fireball
  3. Intergalactic 
  4. Avobath
  5. The Turtle

Honorable mentions.

Some honorable mentions are bombs I’ve bought but have not used so I cannot rank them, yet! They’re sitting on my shelf right now waiting for a special occasion:

  • Twilight
  • Golden Wonder
  • Cheer Up Buttercup
  • Goddess
  • Over and Over
  • Yellow Submarine (Apparently this one “drives around” the bath because the pink dissolves faster than the yellow.)

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Riley is a Sophomore majoring in Digital Media Production and minoring in Film at Florida State University. Riley studied abroad her first year of University in Valencia, Spain. When she is not writing articles for HerCampus she is found on the soccer field, tennis court, or hanging out with friends.
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