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An Interview With Anna Nguyen: The Vice President of the FSU Weightlifters

I recently got to catch up with the FSU weightlifting club and their Vice President Anna Nguyen on a Sunday afternoon during their club hours. The vibe in the room was very welcoming and non-intimidating. Many club members introduced themselves to me and were more than happy to answer any questions I have. 

Her Campus (HC): What’s your major and what year are you here at FSU?

Anna Nguyen (AN): I am a senior at FSU and I am a public health major going into pre-law.

HC: How did you get into weightlifting and then powerlifting? 

AN: I’ve been lifting for about a little over two years now, I got into it for the same reason a lot of people do to feel better and more confident, and it evolved from there. I started powerlifting specifically about a year ago when I came to FSU and joined the weightlifting club.

HC: Do you feel that powerlifting has made you feel more confident?

AN: I think powerlifting is something everyone should get into. Being able to lift heavy weights and realize how strong your body is something that is very important and helpful for body image. It has made me appreciate how my body functions rather than the way that it looks. It has definitely revamped the way I view myself and made me realize what my body can do.

HC: What is your favorite powerlifting moment/accomplishment? 

AN: Last year I did my first powerlifting meet ever in Tallahassee at the Capital City Barbell. Because it was my first ever meet, I didn’t know what to expect. It was really fun to set personal records (PRs) up on the platform with everyone’s support. It was a very positive environment and I loved the strong sense of community there. I would say that that has been the highlight of my powerlifting career so far.

HC: Her Campus is a female-oriented organization with the intention of empowering women, what has your experience been powerlifting as a woman in a male-dominated sport?

AN: In the specific area of powerlifting, I have felt supported, I’ve always felt like it was a supportive community for women. For women that may want to get into powerlifting, I find that it hasn’t been as discriminatory as a regular gym might feel. There is a strong sense of community especially with the other girls in powerlifting, since there are fewer of us, we all group together and work to support each other. Once you accept that you are strong and allowed to take up space in the weightlifting room it becomes a really positive and empowering experience as a woman.

HC: Do you have any advice on handling responsibilities as a leader and a student?

AN: It’s important to realize that a lot of people are going to look up to you and know that you have to set a good example by having a positive attitude. Sometimes it’s hard to come to the gym when you’re stressed about schoolwork, but you can do it with a positive attitude. We all as college students are very busy, between schoolwork and our social lives it’s very normal to be tired.

HC: What is your favorite lift?

AN: Deadlift for sure. It’s the most fun. You get to lift the most weight and it gets people the most hyped up.

I had a wonderful time getting to meet the members of the FSU weightlifting club. During my time observing their club I got to see two members set new personal records, the clapping and cheering from their fellow members filled the room. I hope that any women who want to get involved in weightlifting go for it. Many thanks again to Anna and the weightlifters, be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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Jenna is a freshman this year at FSU. This is her first year writing for Her Campus and she is very excited to join the team!