Pervert Clothing Company is Coming to a Campus Near You

When talking about the latest trends for men, the name streetwear comes to mind. Companies like Supreme and A Bathing Ape are thriving in the market, and their success is based on the hype of representing their brand name. Let’s talk about the “OG” company that started it all in 1990. Pervert clothing originated in Miami, a hot spot for streetwear and led to the more modern brands evolving. A man named Don Busweiler created the company with the intention to take the negative connotation away from the word pervert and make it a streetwear brand. He made it available for a limited number of people to make his brand rare and unique. Don had the creative idea to only let people in his circle represent the brand. As word got around, his brand evolved. When Pervert took off, celebrities like Janet Jackson and Jay Z became interested in the clothing line. After the company’s success became too mainstream for Don he gave up on the company entirely. It wasn’t until 2012 that Don’s previous partner for Pervert, Mark Leventhal, bought the trademark once it expired. Mark Leventhal was a well-known Miami disc jockey who threw parties for celebrities like Madonna, Prince and Lenny Kravitz. In 2013, Complex magazine published an article titled “10 Clothing Brands that Need to Make a Comeback.” Pervert was in the top five. When the company was about to take off for the second time, Mark became terminally ill and passed away. Currently enrolled FSU students, Alec and Kyle Leventhal have now inherited the brand and trademark. They plan on expanding and bringing original samples to different trade shows like Agenda and Complex Con throughout the country.

Currently, they are working on designs and reaching out to other pioneers in the streetwear industry. Their goal is to resemble the original design and continue the legacy that their father helped start. Kyle and Alec, who are involved in the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at Florida State have distributed pieces of apparel to only their close friends and family. They've established an Instagram account (@pervertmfg) where you can find new and old samples and a link to the website in progress. On their website that is a currently under construction, they will provide the history behind the brand and establish a day-to-day vlog, where you can see everything that takes place behind-the-scenes of Pervert Clothing. Eventually, when the brand takes off they will be launching a whole assortment of clothing such as joggers, dad hats, box logo tee shirts, pullover jackets, woven shirts, stickers, socks and the infamous 69 jersey. They also hope to include a women’s line that contains cropped hoodies and cropped tees. Pervert is a growing brand that will continue to build and expand. For now, you can expect to see the brand around Tallahassee whether it’s at happy hour, at Standard or on campus at Florida State.

All images courtesy of Alec Leventhal.