The Perfect Spring Shoe According to Your Zodiac Sign

Choosing the perfect spring shoe can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, we’ve put together the perfect guide for selecting your optimal fashion-forward footwear based on your zodiac sign! 

Aquarius: Deep Blue Flats 

Jan. 20- Feb. 18    

Element:    Air    

Color:        Blue/Silver    

Ruler:        Uranus    

Style:        Original

Aquarius babes are known for their progressiveness and uniquely original style that’s completely their own. We recommend these ladies opt for a deep blue flat to express their desire for individuality and serenity this spring. 

 Courtesy: Modcloth

Pisces: Funky Booties 

Feb. 19- March 20    

Element:    Water    

Color:        Lilac     

Ruler:        Neptune     

Style:        Artistic

For all you Pisces out there, consider adding a funky bootie to your wardrobe in the near future. These fun lilac ankle boots complement your intrinsic artistic-ness while simultaneously encouraging you to break free of any dreary ruts you may have fallen into.

 Courtesy: Top Shop

Aries: Striking Chucky-Heels

March 21- April 19    

Element:    Fire    

Color:        Red    

Ruler:        Mars    

Style:        Confident

Calling all Aries! If you don’t have a striking red shoe in your life, take inspiration from these gorgeous, chunky Gucci heels. Clean lines emphasized by black piping gives this footwear the bold touch your confident style craves.

  Courtesy: Gucci

Taurus: Low-Key Kicks

April 20- May 20    

Element:    Earth    

Color:        Green/Neutrals     

Ruler:        Venus    

Style:        Practical

In contrast to your Aries friends, Taurus ladies will be electing an understated sneaker for this spring. This camel-colored Nike Air Force 1 accentuates the practicality underlining your style. 

Courtesy: Nike

Gemini: Platforms

May 21- June 20    

Element:    Air    

Color:        Green/Yellow    

Ruler:        Mercury    

Style:        Trendy

As a highly expressive Gemini, there’s no better way to make a fashion statement than these sunshine yellow platform sandals.

Courtesy: Nordstrom

Cancer: Iridescent Sneakers 

June 21- July 22    

Element:    Water    

Color:        White    

Ruler:        Moon    

Style:        Imaginative

Embrace your dreamy, relaxed vibes with these stunning white Adidas Superstars. The iridescent accents add a hint of celestial ambiance-- perfect for treading into the serene spring season.

 Courtesy: Adidas


Leo: Velvety Heels

July 23- Aug. 22    

Element:     Fire    

Color:        Yellow        

Ruler:        Sun    

Style:        Creative

Born to lead and born to stand out- these velvety yellow heels are the perfect way for Leos to make themselves the center of attention. 

 Courtesy: Nordstrom

Virgo: Detailed Mule

Aug. 23- Sept. 22    

Element:    Earth    

Color:        Grey/Beige    

Ruler:        Mercury    

Style:        Detail-Oriented

Always analytical, any true Virgo is bound to appreciate the subtle intricacy of these exquisitely embroidered mules. 

 Courtesy: Seven Oaks

Libra: Boho Slip-Ons

Sept. 23- Oct. 22    

Element:    Air    

Color:        Pink    

Ruler:        Venus    

Style:        Bohemian

Known for their principles of peace, equality and balance, it isn’t hard to understand why Libras have a natural tendency to favor the bohemian lifestyle. For this reason, these natural-toned beaded sandals are a fabulous choice for any Libras in the market for a spring shoe. 

 Courtesy: Anthropologie

Scorpio: Feminine Peep-Toes

Oct. 23- Nov. 21    

Element:    Water    

Color:         Rust    

Ruler:        Mars    

Style:        Flirty

In true accordance with their sensual reputation, Scorpios fit perfectly into these flirty peep-toe heels. For an additional dimension of femininity, this rust color plays seamlessly into its classic red-toned roots. 

 Courtesy: 6pm

Sagittarius: Muted Mules

Nov. 22- Dec. 21    

Element:    Fire    

Color:        Muted Blue    

Ruler:        Jupiter    

Style:        Free-Spirited

For the free-spirited Sagittarius, only a backless mule in an extra-muted blue hue would suffice in regard to spring footwear trends. 

Courtesy: Shop Mille

Capricorn: Classic Oxfords

Dec. 22- Jan. 19    

Element:     Earth    

Color:        Brown    

Ruler:        Saturn    

Style:        Traditional

Finally, our classic Capricorns may find themselves seeking out an equally traditional shoe this season. We love these lightly perforated, brown leather oxfords for the timeless gal. 

Courtesy: Gap

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