An Open Letter to my First Semester at FSU

It’s hard to believe that the semester is coming to a close. As cheesy as it sounds, it truly does feel like yesterday that you were moving into the dorm room and begging for the adventure that is college.

Your first night in the dorm will feel a little weird. It’s your new home for the next few months but doesn’t feel remotely close to home. You’ll attend the kickoff for Seminole Sensation Week and accidentally meet someone who will easily become one of your best friends here. You’ll also win 20 dollars after placing first in Family Feud. You'll even stumble into a girl who is coincidentally wearing the exact same Bu-cee’s t-shirt as you, even though she isn’t from Texas. The point is, your first night in the dorm will be a blast. The next day you’ll go to The Sweet Shop for the first time with your roommate. Neither of you talks much and you’ll be nearly convinced she hates you, which I can guarantee is not the case. As your family brings some last-minute stuff from Target later that day, you’ll pull them into your car and have a breakdown. Despite how excited you’ve been to attend FSU, you’re intimidated. It’s one thing to move to another city where you don’t know anyone, but to move to an entire state where you don’t know a single human being – it’s downright terrifying.

You’ll be convinced to hold out until classes start, which you'll be grateful for in the months to come. You’ll also begin to realize that with your family staying longer than a day, it’s just stretching out the goodbye. It’s like ripping off a band-aid slowly, it's painful. You’ll book a flight to visit home almost as soon as you can. While the homesickness is already making things difficult, you’ll soon catch on that trying to find a parking spot in Traditions is so much worse.



Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to know your roommate better and have fun exploring around the city. You’ll also figure out that parking in the Pensacola Garage is a lot less of a hassle. You attend your first football game. It’s then that you truly understand there is nothing quite like hearing 80,000 people doing the Warchant at Doak.

Your roommate will accidentally stumble upon a booth at the Involvement fair and you’ll both end up taking part in informal recruitment for a Panhellenic sorority. After a few weeks, both you and your roommate will get a text. Both of you know immediately it’s for “bid-coffee” and couldn’t be more excited. Next thing you know, you’re proudly wearing Greek letters.

As you go home at the end of September, you’ll find that the homesickness has subsided. However, you’ll still be anxious about being so far from home. By the time you’re back in Tallahassee, you’re going to completely forget about being homesick and grateful to be back in Florida.

You’ll go on the sisterhood retreat and meet someone in your pledge class who will become a fast friend. That weekend, you’ll truly grasp the meaning behind the word “sisterhood.”



Within a few weeks, you’ll pull a stupid prank on your roommate and realize that Tallahassee has truly become home. Your dorm room will turn into a hostel and you jokingly say that you have two honorary roommates.

A hurricane will hit, and you’ll seek shelter with your roommate’s sister who lives a few hours away. You’ll thank them immensely because had they not have invited you, you’re not entirely sure what you would’ve done. You’ll have an absolute blast for those few days and then spend another few days in Orlando. By the time you’re back in Tallahassee, the next few weeks will fly by. Thanksgiving will pass with the blink of an eye and finals will become a reality you must face.

The point is, your first semester will be one filled with tons of laughs and amazing people. Sure, it may be an adjustment in the beginning, but Tallahassee will easily become your home after a few short months.

All images courtesy of McKenzie Ozment.