#NoleFilter: FSU Love Your Body Day

On October 22, students and organizations alike gathered on Union Green to celebrate “Love Your Body Day.” This was the third annual event hosted at FSU and is a part of a nationwide campaign, sponsored by the National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation. The goal of the movement is to support having a positive body image and to provide resources for those who are struggling to love their body. This year’s theme was “Love Your Seminole Selfie” and was focused on the social media aspect that surrounds youth today, along with the filters and photo editing involved. Using the hash tag #NOleFilter, the event targeted the stigma that everyone needs to change aspects about themselves in order to be accepted

According to a recent body image study conducted by FSU, while only four percent of the student body has clinically diagnosed eating disorders, almost 36 percent of the student population report negative body image issues and over half of these individuals are men. Negative body image issues can often lead to mental health issues or eating disorders. This campaign was put forth to get the word out about how everyone needs to love themselves for who they are inside and out, says current graduate student Grant Harris who receiving his masters in sports nutrition. Visit NOW Foundation's website today to learn more about this inspirational movement that is sweeping our nation!