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The one thing you can always count on to be found in everyone’s household is Vaseline. We’ve all heard our moms and grandmothers rave about this product, but I honestly feel like we as a generation have really failed to realize the power of this product beyond just lip balm and protecting your skin after a paper cut. A cult staple, Vaseline is the one inexpensive, effective item that you can use for almost all aspects of self-care. Believe it or not, you can replace almost all of your cosmetic products with this item! I have been swearing by Vaseline for years and have seen long-lasting results, so I will definitely continue to use it in the future. Here are some of my top uses for this literal magic in a bottle. 

1. Eye Cream 

If you run out of your usual eye cream, try Vaseline for dry under eyes and it works just as good. Honestly, you can even save yourself the extra bucks from buying an overpriced eye cream and just stick to Vaseline for a smooth, hydrated under-eye area for the ultimate college girl hack. 

2. Occlusive 

After applying moisturizer, apply some Vaseline on areas that get extra dry to help seal that moisture in. Vaseline actually acts as an occlusive, which basically means that it forms a layer on the skin's surface that can block moisture loss, keeping skin hydrated and healthy. This locks in all the moisture and even acts as a great anti-aging product. This has also recently been a trend termed “slugging.” 

3. Eyebrow Gel/Mascara 

One of my absolute favorite tricks to try when I’m out of my usual brow products or trying to save money is taking a spoolie, putting some Vaseline on it and running it through my brows or lashes. Another pro-tip for brows is to also add some brown eye shadow to the mix for a tint on your brows!

4. Grow/moisturize lashes

Applying a thin layer of Vaseline to your eyelashes before going to sleep nourishes them and actually helps them to grow faster and thicker over time. 

5. Enhance perfume 

Before spraying perfume on the wrist and neck, apply some Vaseline to these areas. This will absorb and preserve the smell better for long-lasting bliss!

6. Body scrubs 

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Mix Vaseline with abrasive particles such as salt or sugar for a gentle body or lip scrub. The results are hydrated and glowing skin! 

7. Highlighter

On days where you don’t want to wear makeup but still want that healthy glow, simply apply some to the high ends of cheekbones as you would highlighter for a vibrant glow. 

8. Split end recovery 

Vaseline can prevent and treat your hairs split ends. All you need to do is use a good amount on the ends of your hair for at least one hour to let it work its magic. Another pro-tip is to mix it with some other hair oils for extra shine. 

9. Dry or cracked skin on feet

Want to mimic the feel of freshly pedicured feet? Dab some Vaseline on dry areas of your feet (gross, I know), and you’ll feel pretty close!

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Em is a junior from Miami double majoring in psychology and English: editing, writing, & media. Writing, fashion, and astrology are some of her interests and she hopes to pursue a degree in fashion ujournalism.
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