National Drink Wine Day: Where and What to Drink

Feburary 18 is coming up, which means our favorite national holiday will be here! National Drink Wine Day is annually and nationally observed. While many people would like to argue that the day is insignificant, I am here to tell you that it is very important, if you are over 21, to celebrate! Here in Tallahassee, we obviously know how to celebrate a holiday that involves drinking. Let me tell you about a couple of ways you can celebrate National Drink Wine Day this year.

The Brass Tap - BOGO All Day! 

Beer on tap Bence Boros This Tuesday The Brass Tap in Midtown Tallahassee will be helping us all celebrate by having BOGO on any glass of your favorite wine! All wines, house wines and sangrias will be included in this event. Have a friend who isn't a big fan of wine but wants to tag along with you? They still offer over 150 craft beers from around the globe. The environment of Brass Tap involves an upscale bar with TVs playing any games that may be on and live music. If you're wanting a chill place to hang out, but don't want to be stuck inside your house, this is the place to be!

Madison Social’s February Drink Challenge! 

White wine being poured into glass Caroline Attwood

National Drink Wine Day will be slightly over the halfway mark for February but it is never too late to pop on over to Madison Social and try to complete the monthly drink challenge. The reason this month of drinks feels so fitting for Wine Day is that it consists of a variety of glasses of wine. Not only do you have a holiday to celebrate you also get a chance to challenge yourself all for, in my opinion, an extremely cute t-shirt. Whether you decide to send it and drink all 6 drinks in one night, responsibly, or you need to finish what you have already started, National Drink Wine Day is the perfect excuse to do so! You do have until Feb. 29 to complete this challenge though, so please be responsible and pace yourself! Being able to say, “Corks are for quitters,” is the only way to end the month.

A Wine Night In!

Girl drinking wine with friends Kelsey Chance

While a wine night in can pretty much occur any night, using the national day is just a reminder to do it again. Take this Tuesday to relax and hang out with your closest friends while drinking some wine and watching a good movie! If you don't know what wine you should bring that night, I highly recommend this article on what wines to bring based on your astrological sign. Although the article is geared towards a Galentine's party, it is still a useful tool for National Drink Wine Day! 

National Drink Wine Day is a celebration you don’t want to miss out on! Whether you are staying in or going out, indulge and enjoy yourself. According to National Drink Wine Day’s website, the purpose is to spread love and promote the health benefits of wine, so why not go all out for it? 

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