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‘Nailed It!’ Yes, Nicole Byer Did!

As we approach the end of the semester, countless hours are spent in our favorite study places, whether that be Club Stroz or your bed until you fall asleep on a pile of notes. During this time, it’s necessary to remember the important things, like taking a break from all of the hard work you’ve put in. As an avid Netflix-binger, I am always looking for a good show to procrastinate the piles of homework that await me. While I normally enjoy the typical popular series, such as Grey’s Anatomy or Stranger Things, my inner foodie loves the occasional baking or cook-off. Even more so, I love the occasional amateur baking show. Something about the failures reminds you that even those competing are not going to be star bakers in every situation. If you’re like me, the new Netflix original show, Nailed It!, could be the highlight of your week.

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Nicole Byer, most popular for her participation in MTV’s Girl Code, hosts bake-offs between three at-home bakers who are known for their below average baking. On her side, world-known chocolatier Jacques Torres and a special guest each episode help Nicole judge the contestants’ overall work. Nicole chooses baking masterpieces that must be recreated by the bakers to be judged on taste and appearance in relation to the original work. The end results are rarely spot on and usually wind up like a Pinterest DIY gone horribly wrong. Each episode brings in three new bakers that compete in two rounds for $10,000. Unlike most shows, the first-round top contestant wins a small prize, such as an electric mixer or piping kits, plus a shiny gold chef’s hat proving the baker is the one to be reckoned with. However, this does not boost them in the second round towards the grand prize of $10,000. Their overall ranking depends solely on the masterpiece created within the final round.  

Courtesy: Netflix

Overall, Nicole Byer successfully keeps the mood upbeat with her natural, witty humor. Next time you’re surfing through the endless shows and movies Netflix has to offer, consider spending the time on Nailed It! for a quick laugh. While there are currently only six episodes released, talk of a second season has already been posted on Twitter by Nicole herself. On March 17, she even released the casting email! Get your emails into [email protected] if you think you’re Nailed It! worthy.

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