Mia Ersoff Talks Interning for Seminole Boosters

Name: Mia Ersoff

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Major: Communications & Psychology

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Relationship Status: Single

Her Campus (HC): What made you decide to intern for Florida State University’s Seminole Boosters Inc.?

Mia Ersoff (ME): Over the summer I was looking for an internship to complete for my fall semester at FSU. As a double major in media communications and psychology, I was not exactly sure which field I wanted to shift more towards. On the FSU communications website, I came across the Seminole Boosters Media and Marketing Intern application. I got super excited when I saw this since it combined my two passions: media and FSU athletics. The FSU athletic sporting events have made my FSU student experience so unique and enjoyable. As a Seminole Boosters intern, I felt as though I could combine my passion for athletics and social media marketing into a real-world experience towards my ultimate career goal in sports marketing. I knew this internship would be competitive but I took a leap of faith and applied anyways.

 (HC): What have you learned so far from being in the internship and what would you recommend to others who want to be interns for the Seminole Boosters Inc.?

(ME): Since landing the internship I have learned so many things, so it’s hard to find a place to begin. I would say the most rewarding part is that three times a week I get to be immersed in a fast-paced marketing environment working with such an elite collegiate fundraising organization. I intern for the Director of Marketing and Annual Giving, Derril Beech and the Director of Events Marketing, Kristen Tubeck.

(HC): What do you like the most as being an intern?

(ME): I feel as though Seminole Boosters is giving me such a hands-on experience. For example, the first day of my internship Beech and Tubeck sat me down and let me give all my insights, and recommendations for their social media and marketing. I felt really proud when they listened to some of my ideas and I started to see some of them come to life.

The main part of the internship is creating content and covering events for social media. To create content, I go to different sports practices and events to interview people and take pictures. I have been working on creating a time-lapse segment for social media. I capture each sport practicing and turn it into a time-lapse, which has been really exciting. So far, my favorite events to intern for have been Friday Football Facility Tours and Football Game days. On Facility Tours, I get to interact with FSU players and coaches and Seminole Booster members. My favorite part is getting to stand on the Doak Campbell field.

Ever since I was a freshman, I have always wanted to get the opportunity to just view the stadium from the field. It was a very special moment for me when this opportunity fell in my lap. Also, it is awesome to meet FSU alumni and listen to their memories from when they were students at FSU. At football games, I am usually working at the newly opened Champion’s Club in the stadium. I get to converse with people in the stands and capture their experiences and highlights from the game.

(HC): What do you aspire to be after you graduate?

(ME): After I graduate, I would love to work for a media or sports marketing organization. I definitely have to be in a fast-paced environment; full of events and constantly interacting with and meeting new people.

All photos courtesy of Mia Ersoff