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Meet Samantha Nuñez: Vice President of Advertising Club and Team Captain of Arrowhead

Name: Samantha Nuñez

Year: Senior

Major: Media Communications Studies Major, Film Minor

Sam is taking the advertising world by storm – from working with Arrowhead for two years, leading incoming freshman in Florida State’s Advertising Club to interning an Account Management Intern with MAIP in Chicago, Sam shares the “ins and outs” of advertising at Florida State University!

Her Campus (HC): Can you tell us a little more about Arrowhead and Advertising Club and your role with both?

Sam: FSU Ad club is Florida State’s chapter of the American Advertising Federation. We are an organization that provides students with information, experience, and networking skills that will allow them to succeed in the advertising industry. We have guest speakers, trips around the country where we tour and learn from various types of advertising agencies, networking events, a mentorship program, and socials. I am the Vice President of this organization and my role really just consists of being a leader to my fellow exec board and to our members: I pick up slack where needed, send reminders out to the exec team, plan & lead biweekly meetings, and plan the group trips (arrange agency visits and secure hotel stay).

Arrowhead is an extension of the Advertising Club. We are an AAF sponsored team that is tasked with coming up with a campaign for one client to pitch at the National Student Advertising Competition where we compete against 100+ schools across the U.S. As the Team Captain of this organization, I am in charge of managing every level of the work: research (conducting and analyzing), the development of a strategic idea, and bringing that idea to life through a fully integrated campaign.


HC: Out of the two years you have been involved with Arrowhead and Advertising Club, what has been the most memorable part?

Sam: My favorite Ad Club memory was the spring trip to Chicago, IL my sophomore year. This was my first trip with the organization and the reason why I fell in love with this industry. I saw myself in the employees I met and felt right at home in every creative agency. I also fell in love with the city and plan to move to Chicago post-graduation.

The most memorable part about Arrowhead is the bonds I’ve made with the people on the team (both years). The students I work with will be some of my life-long friends.

HC: How do you think getting involved with organizations like this at Florida State will help you in the future?

Sam: These organizations have provided me with the skills and exposure to succeed as an entry-level employee in the field and has provided me with a network that will live long after my time at FSU.


HC: Can you describe a situation that was difficult in either Ad Club or Arrowhead and how you and your team overcame it?

Sam: I can’t think of any major difficult situation that sticks out. Both of these organizations run into bumps on the road often, but we handle them with ease and approach every situation with a positive attitude.


HC: What do you love most about your position with Ad Club and Arrowhead?

Sam: What I love most about my involvement with Arrowhead and Ad Club is the people that I’ve met.


HC: What do you expect to see this year with your new campaign?

Sam: This year’s client is an interesting one; we are changing hot dog perceptions! We’re already hard at work and so I expect to see really smart & creative work for this campaign.

HC: What advice do you usually give incoming freshman looking to join Advertising Club?

Sam: Join! Looking back, I wish I had joined Ad Club my freshman year. Also, your major doesn’t matter…every unique perspective has a place in the advertising world.


HC: And finally, what’s your favorite ad of all time? How has this ad inspired you to get into advertising? How has this ad impacted the community at large and how do you think Arrowhead impacts FSU’s community?

Sam: Of all time?! I guess Coca-Cola’s ‘Hilltop.’

This advertisement taught me that advertising has the power to influence culture and tell stories. It was one of the first authentic portrayals of love & hope that was inclusive of people from all over the world in advertising.

I think that Arrowhead has a positive impact on the FSU community by giving creative students a place to be themselves and experience the closest thing to agency life in college.  


Thank you Sam for sharing some insights into the field of Advertising with HCFSU. We can’t wait to see one of your ads in the Superbowl one day!

All images courtesy of Samantha Nuñez

Hi! My name is Krysten Brenlla, an FSU senior double majoring in Public Relations & Editing Writing & Media, from beautiful Miami, Florida. I'm an aspiring Integrated Marketing guru, with a passion for movies, television shows, mystery books (Agatha Christie all the way) and finally, writing!
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