Meet Lauren Dominguez, Program Director of WVFS Tallahassee

If you’ve never tuned into 89.7 FM, you’re missing out. V89, The Voice of Tallahassee, also known WVFS, is FSU’s very own student-led radio station. Learn about student Lauren Dominguez’s experience at the FSU Radio Station and her advice to those who want to join!

Name: Lauren Dominguez

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Major: Media/Communications and Spanish

Year: Junior


Courtesy: Lauren Dominguez


Her Campus (HC): When did you start working for WVFS? 

Lauren Dominguez (LD): I started working at V89 in the Fall of 2017 right in the start of my sophomore year after I got an email from my speech teacher at the time, Dr. Misha Laurents, about involvement in the station for credit. It was a groundbreaking moment in my life because I ended up changing my major from Environmental Science to Media/Communication Studies. 

HC: What departments have you been involved in at the station? 

LD: I’ve been involved in a couple of departments, mainly Public Relations, but I also was in Development, Production, the in-studio department and announcing. 

HC: That’s a lot! So overall, which departments make up WVFS? 

LD: WVFS is made up of Public Relations (PR), Development (which is how we get underwritings), Production, News, Sports, Announcing, Continuity (Public Service Announcements), the "in-studios" which is a small new department that helps a lot with audio engineering and music.

HC: How did you work your way up from those departments to being the program director? 

LD: I first went to the Cattle Call with the sole purpose of being a DJ. I applied, got rejected, and learned that WVFS isn’t about being a personality, it’s about the music and the behind the scenes. So, I joined PR and Development. I worked really hard in PR by tabling a lot and incorporating ideas and later was accepted into Production and the in-studio department. I was also hired as a DJ in that time, and after working hard in all those departments, I was offered the opportunity of becoming program director.

HC: What are some of your roles as program director? 

LD: I am the student leader of the station, I make sure that a 24/7 broadcast is maintained by programming and supervising, I am the chief announcer, and with the Station Manager make sure that all the duties that the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] requires are fulfilled.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about working for WVFS? 

LD: My absolute favorite thing has to be the music. We have such an extensive catalog with many rare CDs and vinyls that you really just wouldn’t find anywhere else. I’m finding out about all these bands that I would never know about and since I do the Latin and Sonic Safari specialty shows, I get to really dive in even more on Hispanic music and weird sounds from the ‘30s that I would just have never come across.  

HC: What is your favorite kind of music? 

LD: This is a tough question. I love a lot of things a lot. I guess you can say my go-to will always be 1960’s pop, but there’s just so much that goes into that, and like I love hardcore punk, emo, salsa, WWII era stuff. Oh so much, I can’t really have a proper answer to what’s my favorite kind of music, it’s all so different and good!

HC: Do you intend on being involved in the music/radio industry after graduation? 

LD: I hope! My dream is to work for the TV/movie industry but I’ve always been very obsessed with music. I really hope I land a job someday in the future where I can incorporate alternative music into a television show. My dream is actually to have a show where I can travel around Latin American countries and showcase their alternative music. Hopefully, it’ll happen! 

HC: What do you recommend for someone who wants to join WVFS? 

LD: I recommend to just show up to the Cattle Call and see what interests you, and if you missed that then just show up to 420 Diffenbaugh and sit down on any of the open access department meetings. Or even just come by at any time and ask the first person you see about the place! I’m 100% sure they’ll give you a great answer on what to do. 

HC: Thank you so much for interviewing with me! Is there anything else you wanted to add about your experience with WVFS?

LD: I just want to add that V89/ WVFS has been THE greatest experience I have ever had during my whole college career. It has taught me so much about the career and my life personally. I have made such amazing friendships and have had interactions with people I would never get to talk to otherwise. The opportunities are endless and I think everyone deserves to listen to good quality music 24/7.  

You can catch Lauren weekly on Mondays from 1-4pm, during Sonic Safari on Wednesdays 7-9pm, and during Solamente Latino from 8-10pm a few Sundays a month. You can also check out WVFS Tallahassee's social media links below for more information on the station and how you can join.

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