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Meet Dan Schaefer: An Involved and Helpful Campus Celeb

Name: Dan Schaefer

Year: Junior

Major: Double Major – Psychology & Biology

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Her Campus (HC): So Dan, what are you involved with on campus?

Daniel Schaefer (DS): I’m a receptionist at Wildwood Hall and the chair for Alpha Phi Omega. I’m also a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and the Honor Student Association. I worked orientation over the past summer, which was great. I loved seeing all the fresh new faces coming into Tallahassee, and sharing information about the school; it was very fulfilling.

HC: What’s it like to be a receptionist?

DS: It’s really fun! I enjoy being with freshman that don’t really know what the college experience is yet and helping them out if they have any questions regarding classes or anything.

HC: Describe your future!

DS: I want to be a doctor, a neurologist specifically, because I enjoy trying to understand the brain. I think it’s fascinating.

HC: What are your plans for Halloween?

DS: I’m going to wear a cow costume with a scary mask and a cape and figure things out from there.

HC: Speaking of Halloween what are you afraid of?

DS: Accidentally smelling spoiled milk. Ew.

HC: Do you have any hobbies?

DS: I love to cook and clean! Mama didn’t raise no fool! I love riding my bicycle. I actually got hit by a car last week, so I feel really inclined to start an organization for biker rights. I actually got a concussion and sprained my back.  Don’t forget you can’t be in the green box, people!

HC: What are you watching on Netflix?

DS: I don’t really have much time for Netflix but I do watch The League occasionally.

HC: Any special talents?

DS: I can play the drums and I run! I just ran a 5K!

HC: What’s your favorite song?

DS: “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj.

HC: What are three words that describe you?

DS: Basic, Breezy, Bundle-of-Joy. * Wink *

Sarah Shellabarger is a senior at Florida State University, majoring in English - Editing, Writing, Media and minoring in Communications. This is her third semester as a HCFSU staff writer. When she's not drowning in assigned readings, Sarah enjoys attempting to get celebrities to follow her on Twitter, daily Dunkin Donuts trips, praising Stevie Nicks, and (unsuccesfully) begging her boyfriend to buy her a kitten. Sarah hopes to one day put her witty banter to good use by writing for a clever yet underappreciated TV show, and eventually becoming the next Tina Fey.    
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