Meet Alie Romano: Owner, Creator and Designer of Southside Charms Jewelry Company

Meet Alie Romano, a freshman at Florida State who owns and manages her own online jewelry store, Southside Charms. Somehow on top of her classes, she puts in multiple hours a week growing her brand and selling products. We love a girl boss who works hard for her dreams! Check out Southside Charms to support a fellow ‘Nole and read our interview with her to hear how her company came about.

Image Courtesy: Southside Charms

Year: Freshman

Major: Retail Entrepreneurship 

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Her Campus (HC): How did you get the idea for creating Southside Charms?

Alie Romano (AR): I first got the idea for creating Southside Charms a year and a half ago when three of my best friends and I were bored one day and were trying to figure out something to do. We eventually came up with the spontaneous idea of creating our own jewelry business.  For the first month, the four of us worked hard to promote our new brand. However, my friends quickly began to realize that they didn’t have time or passion for operating a business. By the next month, I was running Southside Charms all on my own!

HC: What products can our readers expect to find? 

AR: Southside Charms offers bohemian style chokers, layered necklaces, earrings and bracelets at affordable prices, and each piece is handmade just for you! 

HC: What are your company’s goals?

AR: I plan on expanding my company one step at a time so more and more people know about Southside Charms.  I hope to eventually sell my jewelry in boutiques and stores. I plan on getting involved with student life and promote my brand through trunk shows and on-campus activities as well!

Image Courtesy: Southside Charms

HC: What is your advice for women who aspire to create their own company? 

AR: My advice for women who aspire to create their own company is to never give up and to believe that they can do anything as long as they set their minds to it. I have experienced a handful of obstacles since starting Southside Charms, but instead of letting them get to me, I learned to overcome them.  

HC: Owning and managing Southside Charms on top of being a full-time student must get busy! How do you stay on top of your work and manage it all?

AR: Owning and managing Southside Charms while being a full-time student at FSU can get very busy.  With this being said, I stay on top of things by devoting at least an hour or more to working and improving my business every day.  Although some days can be more chaotic than others, I always remember that this is my passion and in order for me to be successful I have to put in time and effort even if it interferes with school.

HC: What’s your favorite part about creating jewelry?

AR: My favorite part about creating jewelry is getting to see women from all over the United States feel confident and beautiful when wearing our jewelry. 

HC: How does your company today compare to what you first envisioned for it?

AR: If someone had told me two years ago I was going to be starting and running a successful business by myself, I would’ve never believed them.  My hope for Southside Charms is for it to continue to grow and eventually turn into a well-known brand that people are familiar with all over the world!

HC: How can we shop at South Side Charms? 

AR: Anyone can shop at Southside Charms by visiting the website!  We also have our own Instagram page, where you can click and shop and it will take you directly to our website.