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Meet Alex Goeldner: Freshman Coordinator for Relay for Life 2019

Relay for Life at Florida State University is taking place this year on Apr. 5-6 from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. and we are getting pumped! The executive board has been brainstorming and working around the clock to make Relay for Life 2019 the greatest and largest Relay we’ve had. One of their great ideas this year was to assign freshman leaders to increase freshman involvement on campus. So, after many interviews and applications, they created the leadership group known as The Relay Tribe. Alex Goeldner and Taylor Terraglio work together to coordinate Relay Tribe meetings and events and are already making a huge impact on our campus. Read below to hear from Alex about the Relay Tribe and Relay for Life 2019!

Her Campus FSU (HC): Can you tell us about what Relay for life is?

Alex Goeldner (AG): Relay for Life is the signature fundraising event for the American Cancer Society, and here at FSU our event takes place every year in April. Relay for Life of FSU is the 3rd largest collegiate Relay event, raising over $300,000 to fund the programs of the ACS including research, free rides to treatment, and free lodging for patients and their caregivers. At our event on Apr. 5, the FSU and Tallahassee community come together to remember those who have lost their battle with cancer and honor those still fighting in hopes of creating a world without cancer.

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HC: Why did you join Relay?

AG: I relay for my dad who is battling Esophageal Cancer. Many people are affected by cancer, and I love working towards a common goal with others. 

HC: When did you join Relay for Life?

AG: I joined Relay for Life my freshman year through my Greek Organization. I have moved to a new position in Relay each year and am now a senior serving on the executive board. 

HC: What are your responsibilities as Freshman Coordinator?

AG: I am responsible for overseeing the activities and fundraising of a group of freshman leaders. We are in charge of our own Relay team for the event and a week dedicated to freshman. 

HC: Why was the Relay Tribe created?

AG: The Relay Tribe was created to promote growth and leadership in younger students. We hope to foster their potential and give them the skills they need to become leaders on Florida State’s campus whether that be in Relay for Life or other FSU organizations. 

Image Courtesy: Facebook

HC: What is your vision for the future of Relay Tribe?

AG: The vision for the future of Relay Tribe is to have even more passionate and dedicated students who have a connection to our cause. We want the Tribe to make a memorable impact. 

HC: What is the biggest thing you’ve learned from Relay?

AG: The biggest thing I have learned from Relay is the power of coming together. I have felt very empowered having other students share their stories and experience the event with others.

HC: How can people get involved with Relay?

AG: Anyone can sign up as an individual relayer or on an organization’s team. There are also many leadership opportunities that students can apply for on Nole Central. I am always happy to help guide others to these opportunities!

Hannah is a senior at Florida State University. She loves the sunshine and practically survives off iced coffee. She spends her days writing, working out and walking her dog, majority of the time with T-swift on full blast!
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