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Making Her Voice Heard: How Sabrina Sanchez Is Staying Involved This Election

This year’s election is sure to be a historic one. With COVID-19 still very present in the US, staying politically active has definite challenges. Despite the obstacles many of us face, there are still those that take it upon themselves to go above and beyond their civic duties. Sabrina Sanchez is someone that is not letting anything get in the way of making her mark on the 2020 election. I had the pleasure of discussing with Sabrina how she is staying politically involved this year and how you can too.

Her Campus (HC): How are you staying involved in the election this year? What is your favorite way to stay involved?

Sabrina Sanchez (SS): When it comes to staying involved in the election this year, I have signed up to work at the polls on election day, post reminders on my social media, and tell people when and where they can go to vote! My favorite way to stay involved during election time is researching my ballot so that I can make an educated decision. A lot of people will want to tell you how to vote but the best way to get involved is to understand what you are fighting for. Understand what you can do to live in the world you want to see.

HC: Why did you feel the need to get involved in the election this year?

SS: This is my first time voting. I missed the last election by 4 months, so I knew this year I wanted to get involved. With all of the issues going on in the world, I am tired of sitting on the sidelines wishing I could do something. Luckily, we have so many platforms to be able to find ways to be involved. When I decided to work at the polls, it was because I saw one of my favorite musicians K.Flay posting a link where I could sign up! It’s just as easy as scrolling through Instagram.

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HC: Why do you think it especially important for people to vote this year?

SS: I do not think this year is especially important to vote. Every year is important to vote, every four years is just as important as the last. I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand what you are voting for and understanding how our political system works.

HC: Do you think college students are taking this election as seriously as they should? Why or why not?

SS: I do think more college students are taking this election seriously; I’ve noticed people discussing their opinions more often and more openly. With the Black Lives Matter protests this year, college students were able to find an issue that resonates with them. These protests not only started a conversation on how to do better but made students go out and implicate that in their daily lives.

HC: What advice would you give to college students who are looking to become more politically active?

SS: I would say now is the time; we live in an age where information is all around us. I found that Propeller is a great website to gather information, sign petitions and donate money all in one place. You can also earn points to meet your favorite artists, bands or even win their clothing. Ultimately the best way to stay politically active is to educate yourself on your options and make the best decision for you. If you choose to have political debates with your peers keep them calm, focused and friendly.

HC: What is one issue you are passionate about going into this election?

SS: One issue I am extremely passionate about this year is equality. I have always believed this was an issue and I am ready for action. I am tired of watching the inequality in America pass without retribution. For years people of color, the black community, women, LGBTQ+, the handicapped and others. have not experienced equal rights and that needs to change. I work hard, I struggle with life, work, anxiety and family, but that does not make me less of a person, that does not give anyone the right to tell me I am less than I deserve.

HC: Finally, is there anything you would like to say to voters in this election?

SS: Voting this year is on Nov. 3, 2020, or sooner. Please take the time to understand the ballot, be safe by social distancing and wearing a mask, and always stick up for what you believe.

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