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Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan Confirm Their Relationship

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan broke the internet when they confirmed their relationship through respective Instagram posts five days ago. Lori posted a picture of a set of Polaroids of them, while Jordan posted a blurry picture of the two of them. These pictures were enough to make the internet go wild. Both Lori and Michael were trending on Twitter shortly after with fans eagerly waiting for more details of the surprising new pair.

A source gave insight to People magazine on the private nature of their relationship. This source alleges that their privacy element was intentional, saying that, “in the past she quickly posted social media pictures with guys that she was dating,” but “with Michael she has tried a different approach.” The source also said that they have, “spent all the major holidays together in November and December” and that “Lori seems very happy.”

Their romance had been speculated about over the past couple of months. Paparazzi pictures were seen of them together at an airport in Atlanta around Thanksgiving and they were once again seen at the airport with each other around the time of the new year.

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All eyes are on this pair for various reasons. Michael B. Jordan, who currently holds the title of “People’s Sexiest Man Alive” is now off the market and Lori Harvey is notorious for her relationships with high-profile men. She has been linked to Future and P. Diddy and was even engaged to professional Dutch soccer player, Memphis Depay. Lori Harvey’s relationship history shines a light on a serious dating double standard that plagues men and women.

People on Twitter had very opposing reactions to the news of her relationship. Some (often women) applauded Harvey for being young and able to continuously nab attractive and successful men. Others went on to ridicule and shame her for “being passed around.” Twitter users came out in Harvey’s defense once again, bringing up the fact that normal dating situations involve dating multiple people and that the critiques on her dating life come from a place of “slut-shaming” and a societal double standard. As Yahoo states, “Having an extensive dating history has subjected many women to ridicule and judgement; the traditional view is that women’s history should be limited or not have one.” Lori Harvey’s relationships chronicle the average dating life of a young woman, the only difference is that her “celebrity” status showcases these relationships to the public and opens up room for her to be judged publicly.

The couple is seemingly unfazed by the negative attention as they continue to show each other off publicly. Lori Harvey recently celebrated her 24th birthday on Jan. 13. Fans eagerly waited for any mention of Michael B Jordan or any sign of him celebrating her special day. Harvey posted an Instagram story of the 15 bouquets of roses that Jordan sent with the caption, “Thank you, baby,” adding the heart eyes emoji alongside it. He commemorated her special day on Instagram by posting a picture of them from their recent ski vacation, followed by a cute video of them lovingly playing in the snow.

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