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Lauren Smith: Student Director of the FSU Leach Center Wellness Program

Name: Lauren Smith

Year: Senior

Major: Dietetics

Hometown: Newton, MA

Photo By: Annie Grafe

Her Campus (HC): How long have you been working at the FSU Leach Center?

Lauren Smith (LS): I’ve been working at the FSU Leach Center for just about two years! I have worked for Wellness since the summer before my junior year.

HC: What are some of your duties as student director of The Wellness Program?

LS: Depending on the day, the things I do really vary. Some days you can find me tabling in Suwannee promoting healthy eating, while other days I’m doing office work inside the FMC (Fitness and Movement Clinic) or conducting any of our paid services to clients. Right now my main focus is creating educational materials for a health coaching class our program is offering to students. This class will prepare students to take the ACE Certified Health Coach examination.

HC: What is The Wellness Program?

LS: The Wellness Program is a small program area within Campus Recreation that provides wellness testing and educational outreach programs. Our mission is to promote all aspects of wellness to students, faculty, and staff members on campus – not just in terms of physical fitness. Although our services mainly focus on nutrition education, general health promotion, and fitness testing, we are really a great point of reference for students.

HC: What do you enjoy most about working at the FSU Leach Center?

LS: The greatest part about working at the FSU Leach Center is being surrounded by students who have the same interests as me. Getting the opportunity to work alongside students who are equally as passionate about healthy living makes work really encouraging and motivating. Sharing similar majors, lifestyles and opinions as my coworkers creates a really unique environment. Plus we can all relate to one another because we are all so busy and usually taking the same classes!

HC: For those who may be unfamiliar with the various tests offered by the FSU Leach Center, can you please provide our readers with a brief overview of them?

LS: Wellness provides a variety of free and paid services for students on campus. Our free services include health consultations with an ACE Certified Health Coach, Polar Fitness Testing that measures the five-components of fitness and free vitals check that can quickly assess body composition, blood pressure and heart rate. Our paid services include body composition analysis with a BOD POD machine and resting metabolic rate. Other than these services, Wellness offers free dining hall consultations, educational talks and healthy cooking classes.

HS: Are you involved with any other organizations on campus?

LS: Yes! I am a member of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta. I am also a member of the Student Dietetic Association and the Seminole Sports Dietetic Association.

HC: Switching gears into academics, what led you to choose dietetics as your major?

LS: Wow, that’s a loaded question! The short answer would be when I watched the documentary Food Inc., it sparked my interest in the food industry and health. Realizing that what you put into your body really influences not only your health, but so many other facets of your life, really intrigued me. When I finally decided to change my major and received the opportunity to work for Wellness, I realized my passion for health and fitness could actually be my career.

HS: What advice would you give to someone seeking a healthier lifestyle with regard to diet and fitness?

LS: There are two major pieces of advice I would give someone. First – whatever fitness or nutrition plan you are trying to accomplish, research it. There is so much misinformation perpetuated in the media regarding the perfect diet and exercise program. I hear these misconceptions around FSU’s campus, so I know students are engaging in these things. You want to make sure your plan is reputable before committing yourself to something that may have no scientific backup. Second – don’t expect changes overnight. Real changes that will last more than a few days not only take time, but takes hard work.

Courtesy: Lauren Smith

HS: How do you keep motivated during a workout?

LS: The two ways I keep motivated when working out is with music and goal setting. I love listening to fast-paced EDM when I workout because it pumps me up a lot and keeps my intensity up. I also set goals before I head to the gym or go on a run so I am working towards something specific when I workout. For instance, prior to putting on my sneakers, I decide how long I plan to run for, and during certain parts of my run, I challenge myself to go faster.

HS: What would you say your biggest food temptation is?

LS: My biggest food temptation is peanut butter and ice cream. I could literally put peanut butter on anything, which is why I go through jars of it all the time. Plus, being from Massachusetts, there is nothing better than homemade ice cream to end your day with.

HC: I know you’re getting ready to graduate! Do you have any post grad plans?

LS: In the next two years I hope to obtain a Masters degree and become a Registered Dietitian after taking my credential examination. 

HC: What has been your fondest memory at Florida State thus far?

LS: My fondest memories at Florida State have been the nights spent with my sisters in Gamma Phi. I’ve lived in our chapter house two years and I honestly wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Living with thirty-five other girls may seem crazy, but honestly some of the funniest moments and pranks can occur when living with so many other people. You really become a little family that jokes around with one another. Plus, I always have a friend to watch TV, go to Chipotle and workout with. It really couldn’t get better than that!

Courtesy: Lauren Smith

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