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Keila Stradtner: Woman in Marketing

Sporting her new wavy brown curls, Keila Stradtner, future grad student, sits up on the living room couch. She offers me a handful of cashews from her stash that she bought at the Whole Foods Market on Apalachee Street. With enthusiasm, I accept and we talk about the giant trampoline in her backyard. She tells me the story of how she and her three roommates ordered the jumbo-sized device and had their neighbors help set it up for them. We occasionally go outside and jump on it, enjoying the fresh spring weather that surely won’t last before it starts to rain again.

Recently having taken the GRE, she breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that the stress of studying is over so she can focus more on her two jobs – one at a spa called Kanvas, and another at Orange Theory Fitness. She strokes her roommate’s dog’s head as we begin the interview.

Name: Keila Stradtner

Age: 21

Major: Retail Merchandising/Product Development

Hometown: Melbourne, FL

Her Campus (HC): Why did you choose your area of study?

Keila Stradtner (KS): I chose it because I wanted to be in fashion but found my love for marketing. Naturally, I want to go to graduate school to further my studies in the field and to help me prepare for my career.

HC: What are your career goals?

KS: My career goal is to eventually become the marketing director for a fashion company. I don’t have a specific fashion company in mind as of yet, it really depends on a lot of factors. I don’t have my heart set on anything just yet.

HC: Has that always been a dream of yours?

KS: I can kind of say that it has been since I am very passionate about fashion and I have so much dedication and excitement for the marketing field.

HC: As a former FSU student, would you want to continue your studies at FSU?

KS: Marketing is my passion and I would love to be able to further my studies at FSU. Go Noles!

HC: As a prospective graduate student, how do you even begin to prepare for post-graduate life?

KS: My advice for anyone looking to go to graduate school is to study for the GRE, and really study for it. It is not like the SATs or ACTs; it is actually really hard. You can’t just know the basics and go into the test blindly thinking you will pass. You need to be fully prepared for it to kick your butt. Also, get plenty of good experience working at numerous jobs and/or internships. Keep good bonds with the people you meet who will write you great letters of recommendation.

HC: How did you build up your resume?

KS: Working many jobs in Tallahassee that have to do with my career goals. Working in stores, dealing with fashion and business.

HC: Do you have any advice for students looking to apply for grad school?

KS: Besides the tips for getting ready to apply, I would have to say just do not rush into anything because it presents itself first.

Senior in Creative Writing at FSU. Aspiring journalist/novelist/world traveler. She can be seen binge watching Netflix through the broken blinds of her window and scarfing down large personal pizzas from Papa Johns. Her hobbies include being introverted, having a romantic love affair with Ben & Jerry (scandalous!), playing with people's pets at their houses instead of actually communicating with anyone, and sending brilliantly funny snapchats to her friends list.
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