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It’s Time for a Rockin’ New Student Union

If you’ve visited FSU at least one time in your life, chances are you’ve been to the Oglesby Student Union. The Oglesby Student Union Complex is comprised of buildings, auditoriums, and ballrooms, all designed to provide FSU students with incomparable on-campus entertainment. Originally built in 1940, the Union has since undergone several renovations. The most recent renovation took place almost two decades ago. FSU’s Design and Construction Director, Larry Rubin, says that the next year will be spent on designing and planning the next renovation for the Union. Construction, however, won’t begin until summer of 2018.

Courtesy: FSU News 

In order to promote this new project, FSU has initiated a campaign called “Building Community.” One of their most recent activities is the “RockQuest,” which is essentially a college student’s version of an Easter Egg Hunt! The rules of the game are simple: find, post, win! The students running the campaign have scattered painted stones across the entire student union, and if you find a stone, all you have to do is post a photo of it and bring it to the Building Community booth on Market Wednesday to win a prize. The rocks were painted in FSU’s iconic garnet and gold color scheme, and most of them feature either the initials “OU” for Oglesby Union or the union’s classic logo. In addition, the artists have incorporated designs like polka dots, stripes, and glitter.

Courtesy: Oglesby Union 

After posting a picture of the rock on Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtag “#ounewunion,” participants are instructed to bring their rock to the Building Community booth on Market Wednesdays. Market Wednesday is a weekly event hosted in the heart of Oglesby Union where local vendors and campus organizations are able to set up booths to promote their products or events. After turning your rock into a member of the campaign, you’re eligible to win a free shirt in either garnet or gold that features the Building Community logo on it (pictured below).


Courtesy: Natalia Ramirez

While the project’s completion isn’t supposed to arrive for quite a while, the FSU student body still couldn’t be more excited for it. If you’re a freshman or even a sophomore, chances are that you’ll definitely be able to get some good use out of the new union. Ogelsby is already one of the hottest spots on campus when you’re bored or hungry, so we can only imagine how popular the new one will be! And as far as the RockQuest goes, it’s safe to say that we’re all here for it. If it involves a free tee, then why not? So if you haven’t scored your own Building Community shirt yet, then keep your eyes peeled for the painted stones when you’re passing through Oglesby!

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