It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas: 10 Reasons Why It’s The Best Time Of Year

Our bellies are filled with stuffing and turkey. We have devoured our pecan, apple, and pumpkin pies with smiles on our faces. We have given thanks to our loved ones who are always there for us, and we have welcomed the beautiful cool weather.

Even though Thanksgiving is over Collegiettes, that doesn’t mean that this holiday season is over! Far from over, because the holiday of pine trees and hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows by the fire is upon us. It’s that time of year again when red and green adorn all the streets, and jolly music fills our ears in the car, at school, at work, while we shop, and while we eat.

It’s Christmas time Collegiettes, so get out your stockings and start decorating your trees! I’m here to remind you why Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year…

1. The Music

Christmas is that one time of year when no one will question your age or motive for singing “Jingle Bells” with a silly grin on your face as you go about your normal day. Anything from “Grandma got Run Over By a Reindeer” to “Baby It’s Cold Outside” will put you into the Christmas spirit. Embrace the spirit Collegiettes, as I encourage you to create your very own holiday playlist to listen to this season.


2. TV specials and Movies

If you are like me, then one of the most exciting things during Christmas time is binge watching Christmas shows and movies on TV and Netflix. Is your TV constantly on ABC Family to enjoy their annual 25 days of Christmas countdown during the month of December? We love anything from  Christmas movies like Elf to the classic cartoon Christmas movies like Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.

The full line up to this jolly list of 25 days can be found at:

3. The decorations, THE LIGHTS!

Let’s face it, Christmas time is that one time of year when you see houses compete to have the most stunning display of colors on their lawn. There is always that one block that has almost every single house decorated in lights and inflatable balloons. Embrace such creativity within your community, Collegiettes, and get inspired to decorate as well!

4. The Food

Any holiday that gives us the opportunity to eat lots of delicious food is a great holiday! Christmas is just another great time of year when the turkey bakes in the oven and the smell of yummy baked treats fills the house. Christmas is also a great time of year to create jolly treats decorated perfect for the occasion. Get creative and browse through Pinterest to get some interesting ideas for your goodies to bring to holiday parties!


5. Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog

Christmas time is the one time of year when no one will question you if you have had more than one cup of egg nog and/or hot chocolate in a day. The sweet smell of whipped cream mixed with warm cocoa can encourage anyone to have more than one cup (especially if it’s cold outside). Egg Nog is that all too classic drink that piles onto the shelves of markets during this time of year. Egg nog is great, especially with a dash of special spice (alcohol)! Enjoy this time of year Collegiettes!



It doesn’t matter how old we get, opening presents will always be one of the most exciting moments on Christmas day. Presents also bring great nostalgia from our childhood days of waiting for Santa Claus. Wondering what you’re going to get can leave you feeling happy the whole entire month of December. Let’s not forget to return such happiness and prepare little surprises for those who are close to us, Collegiettes.

7. Mistletoe

No other month gives you a legitimate excuse to try and kiss your crush, Collegiettes! Need I say more? If you’re crushing on someone, don’t be timid to find yourself under the mistletoe with the cutie.

8.  Everyone is happy, and people come together in the spirit of giving and love.

There is no greater feeling than seeing people come together on this beautiful holiday. Christmas is that one time of year when family and friends around the world come together to celebrate such a joyous day together. Enjoy such beautiful moments with your family and friends Collegiettes. Go build a snowman together, bake cookies, or simply sit by the fire and talk to one another.


9. Christmas Commercials that make your heart melt.

Despite being a holiday that a lot of companies make crazy profit on, some companies create loving commercials that truly show us what being a family is all about. Christmas commercials always make me smile and a little teary eyed.

Check out one of my favorite commercials from last year’s holiday season (CAUTION: you may get teary eyed):

10. Christmas means NO SCHOOL and the ending of another rough semester and year.

We’ve made it, Collegiettes! Not only does Christmas mean that we have finished another semester of sleepless nights and brutally hard exams, but Christmas also means the ending of a year and the start of a new one. Wishing all Collegiettes a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year to come!

Stay safe, have fun, sleep in, and remember… SANTA IS COMING!