Introducing FSU’s New Thrifting Club

A new club that aims to help people thrift with flare has recently popped up on campus. Created by experienced thrifters, Olivia Larson and Evan Brey, the new club will foster a community of people who love “all things vintage.” Some of Thrift Club’s other listed goals are to “promote recycling material items to help the environment and our local community” and to “teach students to earn extra income by reselling thrift finds online.” Their first meeting was held on Feb. 28 and introduced the benefits of thrifting to members and explained its game plan moving forward.

Meetings are to be held biweekly on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and will cover topics such as how to thrift, things to look for when buying second-hand items, and how to use marketing platforms like Depop. For those of you who don’t know about Depop, it is an app where you can follow people who have a really cool style and are selling their finds. Find people whose clothes fit your style on this app and it could save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent combing racks of clothes. It is also a great place to get fashion inspiration. Thrift Club will hold workshops to help members learn how to use Depop and other marketing apps to sell their items to an audience. Additionally, they plan on creating thrifting groups so people in the club can get to know each other while snagging some deals. There are other various topics that will be covered throughout the upcoming months and Thrift Club is open to suggestions regarding what the meetings will consist of.

In the spirit of Thrift Club, I researched other potential benefits of thrifting (besides saving money and finding cool things you can’t get at the mall).  Thrifting allows you to avoid that awkward moment of walking into a party and realizing that you’re wearing the same thing as someone else. It gives you a unique wardrobe. Going into a thrifting trip with a set goal in mind and a general idea of the style you want can be a great way to find cute furniture, music, books or clothes on a tight budget. It can also help you to keep your wardrobe from being stagnant. You’ll be able to afford more clothes by thrifting and recycling what you no longer need by donating them to stores like Goodwill. Depending on where you go, you can also support charity while you shop. Thrifting can be a good conversation starter and a good way to support your community.

While the Thrift Club is still in its beginning stages, it will surely grow as it goes. The people leading the project know what they are doing and have a lot of ideas regarding what Thrift Club can bring to the table. Members are sure to learn a lot about how they can turn shopping into something more than just buying things. Follow them on social media and come out to the next meeting if you’re interested in learning how to enhance your wardrobe in a unique way!

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All images courtesy of Giphy.